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31 rare prints of the prestigious artistic pioneer, Professor Bruce Onobrakpeya

In celebration of 60 years of studio practice, this exhibition presents 31 rare prints spanning the prolific career of Professor Bruce Onobrakpeya, one of Nigeria’s most prestigious artistic pioneers.


Onobrakpeya is a founding member of the Zaria Art Society and began experimenting with diverse media showcasing Nigeria’s rich history, culture, philosophy, environment, as well as chronicling the nation’s socio-political development through paintings, sculpture, low relief foils, prints, and installations.

Onobrakpeya has received many local and international awards and his works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Tate Modern, the Smithsonian and many other prestigious institutions. He received the UNESCO Living Human Treasures Award in 2006.

Lunar Myths IIBruce Onobrakpeya, Lunar Myths II. All images courtesy of the artist & SMO Contemporary.
Ibieke Thanksgiving Dance IIbieke Thanksgiving Dance I
Tive Ephrana Danure, Tive Edara? (Where do these birds come from, where are they bound?)Tive Ephrana Danure, Tive Edara? (Where do these birds come from, where are they bound?)
Ore Ri Canaan (Feast in Canaan)Ore Ri Canaan (Feast in Canaan)

Professor Bruce Onobrakpeya’s ‘ENI! You can always tell where the elephant has passed’ will be on view at SMO Contemporary from 27 April to 22 July 2019.

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