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Adrian Steirn, an acclaimed wildlife and portrait photographer, has been accorded the status of ‘Photographer-in-Residence’ at WWF South Africa.

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From the Press Release: “Steirn’s photographic skills and expertise will be utilised to document and showcase WWF South Africa’s conservation programmes and
achievements through photography and cinematography. The residency will
contribute to the vital legacy and archive of WWF’s conservation work.

“Adrian has a wonderful passion for our continent and her people.
His photographic expertise has the power to capture moments in time for
generations to come,” explains Morné du Plessis, CEO of WWF South Africa.

“WWF is grateful to have been the beneficiary of several highly
talented photographers and artists, all of whom have chosen to use their
talents for the benefit of our country. Adrian’s photographic assignments in
South Africa will be specifically identified to complement the photographic
material that is generously provided to WWF South Africa by other photographers
– who will continue to contribute to our library of photographic material.”

According to Du Plessis, Steirn’s photography and cinematographywill not only be used by the organisation to illustrate conservation work, but
also in fundraising ventures. “The planet is everybody’s responsibility. I
believe that we all need to use our particular resources and talents to do what
we can to contribute to conserving it,” says Steirn.

Based in Cape Town, Steirn has earned numerous awards for hiswork. Most recently he was named overall winner of the Africa Photographic
Awards 2010. The status of ‘Photographer-in-Residence’ at WWF South Africa has

been accorded to Steirn for 3 years.”

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