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The third in our series of online fundraising auction features work by Diane Victor.

Title: Miss September

Medium: Two colour lithograph

Edition size: 25 Size: 50 x 65cm

Minimum bid: R 8 000 (excl.VAT)

The New Colonials, Lithographs: In these lithographs Diane Victor takes on the issue of China’s relationship to Africa. Miss September is a teenager dangling a posy of blossoms over the nose of a rhino skull. The poaching of rhino and sexploitation of young women are depicted with the finest lines. To place your bid send an email to auction@artsouthafrica.com. Put the name of the work in the subject line and the bid you would like to place. Please insert your contact details in the body of the email. Should you wish to place a bid on all 4 works, state this with your bid. All sales are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Bidding increases in increments of R 150.00 per bid
You will be advised if and when you are outbid and can then place a counter bid
Alternatively you can indicate the maximum bid that you wish to place
The work goes to the highest bidder as at 1pm on Tuesday 16 July 2013
All bids are legally binding
There is a minimum reserve price
Prices exclude VAT and postage (for buyer’s cost)
There is no seller’s or buyer’s commission applicable
Bidding closes on Tuesday 8 July at 1pm
Payment can be made by EFT, credit card or Paypal, work will not be dispatched until payment is received in full
To consign a work please contact suzette@artsouthafrica.com

About Diane Victor Diane Victor first worked at The Artists’ Press in March 2009. One of her first comments on arriving at the studio was that “I know these hills, I used to walk here as a child” she said pointing to the granite outcrops on the edge of the valley. Turns out that an uncle of hers farms azaleas up the road from the studio. Diane Victor is somewhat like a spring, tightly coiled, tiny and capable of great power. Physically she travels light perhaps as a counterpoint to the weight of the issues that she deals with in her work. She prefers imagery to words and the strength of her visual eloquence hits one in the gut and takes one’s breath away. Perhaps the word that best describes both Diane Victor and her work is paradox and dichotomy. One senses that she would be happy never to see or hear humans again and yet she is a dedicated and brilliant teacher. Her work examines the underbelly of society and our lives with an extraordinary intensity and yet the marks that she makes are exquisitely beautiful.

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