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The University of the Free State hereby invites artists to submit proposals for the Lotto Sculpture-on-
Campus Project.

The Lotto Sculpture-on-Campus Project is a large-scale project that aims to create a unique andpermanent public sculpture collection on the main campus of the University of the Free State inBloemfontein. The project is kindly funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).The project’s key focus is to set up diverse, site-specific and possibly interactive pieces of sculpturethat promote a greater understanding, respect and appreciation of cultural differences and thatinstall a sense of belonging for all. The project is inspired by the creation of an array of humanisedand humanising spaces, designed to enrich the educational and multicultural experience of studentsand visitors by stimulating intercultural dialogue and by providing a setting for historical discoursebetween past and future. The project serves as a concrete reflection of the vision of the university,that is, to be an excellent, equitable, innovative and engaged university.Over the course of two years the project has had the privilege of acquiring and commissioningseveral artworks, most of leading South African sculptors, that have been positioned or will shortlybe installed at different locations on campus to enhance the communicative ambiance of the space.These include artworks by Willem Boshoff, Willie Bester, Noriah Mabasa, Strijdom van der Merwe,Brett Murray, Kagiso Pat Mautloa (in collaboration with the Spier Architectural Arts), Thomas Kubayi,Aziwifarwi Ragimana and Jaco Spies (in collaboration with Dina Grobler and the Tshiamo Art andCrafts Project).SubmissionsTo conclude this first phase of the project the University of the Free State is giving artists theopportunity to be part of the Lotto Sculpture-on-Campus initiative. All South African sculptors, artistgroups or collectives who have experience in public artwork can submit proposals for the productionof a public sculpture or cluster of sculptures to be positioned on the main campus of the Universityof the Free State. Successful applicants’ sculptural pieces will added to the existing collection ofsculptures that have been positioned on the campus. Artists are requested to come up withproposals relevant to the area and consider the multicultural context of the university.A number of diverse spaces on the campus have been identified to host the sculptures, each withspecific sculptural demands and potentials. These are pivotal locations on campus whichaccommodate large streams of congregating pedestrians. Sculptures will be placed within the2 identified areas, in consultation with the artists, but artists are welcome to propose a specific site forthe sculpture(s) or to create sculpture that speaks of a particular site.A diverse range of sculptural pieces will be considered but artists are advised to consider materialsof a durable nature and every possible attempt should be made to ensure that the sculptural worksendure climate extremes, are safe and are “student-proof”. High professional standards need at alltimes be maintained.Interested artists are advised to contact Angela de Jesus (Project Manager) to get clarity on specificlocations, outcomes, logistics and budget allowances.Proposals should include images and dimensions of the proposed sculpture(s), motivation ordescription of context and concept of sculpture(s), a prospective budget for the production of thesculpture(s) (this includes studio and artist fees) and a short CV of artist(s).Artists can submit proposals electronically (in PDF format) to or by post to:University of the Free StateDepartment of Fine ArtsPO Box 339 (24)BLOEMFONTEIN9300Attention: Angela de Jesusor submissions can be delivered to:University of the Free StateDepartment of Art History & Visual Culture StudiesMabaleng BuildingOffice: C21Nelson Mandela DriveBLOEMFONTEINAttention: Angela de JesusSubmission deadlineArtists should submit proposals on or before the 11th of July 2011. Late submissions will not beaccepted.SelectionThe Lotto Sculpture-on-Campus Steering Committee, which comprises of individuals representingvarious departments of the university, will select successful applicants at its sole discretion anddecisions are final. The Lotto Sculpture-on-Campus Steering Committee reserves the right not toselect any proposals. Correspondence will be entered into with the successful applicants only andproposals will not be returned to applicants. The number of successful applicants will be determinedby the budget of the successful projects.Successful applicants will be expected to produce and install sculpture(s) between August andNovember 2011.For more information about the project and submissions please contact Angela de Jesus by email at or telephonically on 051 401 9175.

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