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The Story of South African Jazz is an important addition to the existing research, resources and stories that have emerged from all over the region of Southern Africa. This 3 Volume Series is a book, research and oral history project to document the beautiful Story of South African Jazz in an open, inclusive, flourishing and accessible way.  Volume One was launched in 2015 and Volume Two will be launched in Durban and Johannesburg in December 2019.


What makes the Story of SA Jazz Book Series Unique?

The Wisdom of the Elders

Story of South African Jazz is a multi-generational conversation built on the wisdom of the elders. Living legends Barney Rachabane, Charlie Sayers, Peter Magubane, Tete Mbambisa and Madala Kunene feature strongly in the series. Let’s celebrate together.

The Challenge of a life-time

South African jazz music is a channel and a pathway to find the true colours of one’s unique self.  The Story of South African Jazz is a handbook to playing through the changes of life.

Finding Oneself

The journey to learning the Story of SA Jazz is a journey to finding oneself. South Africa is a nurturing place for freedom of expression, particularly through music. Groundbreaking collaborations from the ground up ignite the fire in any genuine seeker.

Uniquely South African  

This is a South African style that is uniquely our own and has gone to the world. The Story of South African Jazz is compiled and written from a foundation of high quality published articles and is a thematic meeting point for many meaningful narratives.

The Story of South African Jazz Volume II by Struan Douglas.The Story of South African Jazz Volume II by Struan Douglas.

Getting Wet

The book series is born out of the live music scene, where mentorship is the key to learning. When the fire of self-expression is burning, there is no greater friend than a musical instrument. It is the treasure map to the muse. The holistic keys to learning are shared through a caring mentorship approach.

Self-expression is the link between research and performance. That the author has crossed the divide from the audience to performer has opened up many possibilities for the Story of South African Jazz and has brought in all elements that contribute and sustain the industry from education to copywrite and the backstage economy.

International Appeal

South African jazz developed from traditional roots, through modern musical influences to form a unique sound. There are many master contributors to this musical evolution who have taken the message of South African jazz to the diverse people of the country and the world at large. SA jazz is a tool of communication.

Inter-generational Connection

“Jazz and Freedom go hand in hand.” The SA jazz family as it is situated all over the world has delighted in the passing on of this empowering and joyful musical expression to the children of the future.


A love supreme is a universal principle. These books provide a unique combination of history and heritage through the voices of many artists, activists and musicians.

Experience the entertainment and enjoyment of food, fashion, freedom and literature.

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