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Emerging talent takes the stage as South Africa’s foremost art and design competition, the PPC Imaginarium Awards, re-joins top trade show 100% Design South Africa. From 8-12 August 2018, visitors to the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand can view finalists of the concrete-themed PPC Imaginarium Awards in a dedicated feature at 100% Design South Africa.

Each year, the travelling exhibition of the PPC Imaginarium Awards stops at 100% Design South Africa, allowing finalists to exhibit alongside local and international design heavyweights and emerging design talent. Curated by Platform Creative and taking place alongside Decorex Johannesburg, 100% Design South Africa is the largest curated exhibition platform for sourcing high-end contemporary design in Africa, servicing office, residential and hospitality sectors. Joining the show with their breath-taking, innovative concrete products this year are finalists of the PPC Imaginarium Awards, including works entered across all six categories, namely film, fashion, jewellery, sculpture, architecture and industrial design.


Chris Soal, Imposed Structure (deflated).Chris Soal, Imposed Structure (deflated).


“In 2017, The PPC Imaginarium reached further milestones by extending into the art community and maximising the opportunities of the artists who qualified as finalists,” says PPC Imaginarium Director Daniel van der Merwe. “The initiative has enabled and empowered more artists and designers than any comparable project in South Africa.”

Earlier this year, the PPC Imaginarium Awards declared it had chosen 62 national finalists excluding architecture – a record for the awards! Of these finalists, nine were declared winners and runners-up at a dedicated gala event at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Art Gallery on 4 April 2018. Thereafter, the travelling exhibition took the works of the finalists to Cape Town’s Association for Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery and the Turbine Art Fair in Newtown.

Included in the display will be Chris Soal’s winning sculptural piece, “Imposed Structure (Deflated)”, for which Soal was crowned Overall Winner of the competition. The work speaks to both the realities of growing up in a city environment, where soccer is played in the streets, on concrete and tar, and the relationship between soccer and the South African industrial sector.

The award for architecture was bestowed in place of the recently dissolved Des Baker Award for outstanding student design in 2018, at a separate awards ceremony held at the Architecture ZA (AZA) conference. University of Cape Town (UCT) student Roark Robinson snatched the prize with a piece that envisages a “public, connective architecture” for District Six. Robinson’s piece will appear alongside Soal’s at the competition’s curated stand at 100% Design South Africa.


PPC Imaginarium Logo


Setting the pace for collectible, high-end design across sectors, 100% Design South Africa is the ideal space to explore top emerging talent in art and design. For more information and to book your tickets, visit www.100percentdesign.co.za.


Call for Entry for 2019 is available and will close on 30 November 2018!

Venue: Hall 1

Gallagher Convention Centre


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