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Win double tickets to Artmode, an exciting new collaborative art event in Cape Town, with ARTsouthAFRICA!

COMP ASA Artmode Giveaway

Background image by @capetownstreetart on Instagram

ARTsouthAFRICA is giving away 3 x double tickets to the exciting new collaborative art event called Artmode at the Youngblood Gallery in Cape Town! Featuring Bateleur, Mak1, Fiance Knowles and the Heal the Hood Project, Artmode brings artists from all genres together in a collaborative event like no other.

All you have do to win is snap a picture of your favourite local STREET ART, GRAFFITI or PUBLIC ART INTERVENTION and send it through to fay@artsouthafrica.com – one image per entry – choose wisely! The photos will be posted to Facebook, and the three images with the most likes will be our lucky winners, so LIKE our page and get your friends voting!

Winners will be announced on Monday 10 November 2014.


Taking place on 13 November 2014 at the Youngblood Gallery in the heart of Cape Town’s City Bowl, Artmode aims to join together some of the top talent across multiple genres of art, music and creativity, with all three floors of the Youngblood Gallery will being used to showcase a multitude of expressive mediums.

The line-up of showcased artists spans across a diversity of styles, mediums, forms and influences. From minimal piano to electronica, to Graffiti Art, mixed media such as skateboard deck design, functional furniture design, live performances, sculptors, painters, dancers and many other acts, attendees will have the chance to interact with artists on the floor throughout the course of the evening.


Music – Bateleur, Thor Rixon, Vanessa Holliday feat. Galina on Violin (LIVE), Toni Crichton (Piano) & Theresa Mills (Cello)

Graffiti Art – Mak1, Prefix66, Ariel23, Grant Jurius, Ice7, Martin Lund, Isja

Painting – Schalk van der Merwe, Kelly John Gough, Hannah Yason (Conceptual Ink & Bleach artist)

Tarot Cards – Joanne Jardine

Skateboard Deck Design – helo samo &  lucy hazard

Furniture & Design – Wildetecture

Participatory Artwork – Houghton Kinsman

Sculpture – Janko de Beer (Sea Bamboo and Driftwood Sculptures) & Gabrielle Alberts (Miniature Ceramics)

Dance – Figure of Eight Dance collective (F.0.8) in collaboration with Ina Wichterich

B-boying – represented by Heal The Hood Project.

Embroidery – Fiance Knowles

Sketching – Lucy Demoyencourt

See you there! And Good luck!

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