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Aspire Art Auction’s inaugural sale on 31 October 2016, which took place in a new venue at The Park on 7 in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, was bursting at the seams with seasoned and new bidders, proving that the market is ripe for top quality art. Viewers complimented the curated selection of works on offer and the museum quality aesthetic of the installation.

AA Newsletter 2016 Nov03 Aspire4Alexis Preller, Profile Figures (Mirrored Image), 1967. Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 101.5 cm. All images courtesy of Nina Lieska, Repro Pictures.

Alexis Preller’s painting, Profile Figures (Mirrored Image) of 1968, selected by the artist and Dr. Albert Werth, the then-director of the newly built Pretoria Art Museum, to be prominently displayed on Preller’s acclaimed retrospective of 1972 achieved over R7-million. The powerful yet modestly scaled William Kentridge Untitled (Colonial Landscape) achieved over R2-million. J.H. Pierneef’s unique and breathtaking Karoo near Hofmeyer, painted in 1930, saw competitive bidding to over R1, 8-million.

AA Newsletter 2016 Nov03 Aspire5Irma Stern, Congolese Woman, 1946.

Rare gouaches by Irma Stern were snapped up by keen bidders. Her Congolese Woman, 1946, sold for just under R2-million, while young Watussi dancer was one of a series of works on paper capturing the spectacular royal celebrations of the Fête Nationale in Kigali, Ruanda in 1942 fetched just under R800 000. Edoardo Villa’s 1965 Homage to Maillol, achieved the highest price since Villa’s passing in 2011.

AA Newsletter 2016 Nov03 Aspire3Edoardo Villa, Homage to Maillol, 1965. Steel,  340 cm (Height).

Contemporary art realised new records at auction. Athi-Patra Ruga’s impressive tapestry, Convention…Procession…Elevation, achieved over R477 456. Two new records were set for Peter Schütz with African Daphne and Goddess of Transformation each selling for R125 048. Diane Victor’s Abomakgereza almost broke the R200 000 mark, while David Koloane’s Dog with Green Eyes nearly tripled his previous record at R107 996.

Previously neglected areas of South African art at auction, including photography, drew enthusiastic bidding. New records were set for Pieter Hugo at R204 624 and David Goldblatt at R159 152. With a lot average of R315 000 and a sell-through rate of 75%, newcomer, Aspire Art Auctions’ results exceeded all expectations. The company, which set out to produce focused, expertly curated sales of fewer works and a focus on quality, delivers on its promise.

Top sellers

  1. Alexis Preller, Profile Figures (Mirrored Image): R7 048 160
  2. William Kentridge, Untitled (Colonial Landscape): R2 046 240
  3. Irma Stern, Congolese Woman: R1 932 560
  4. William Kentridge, Untitled (from Deluge series): R1 818 880
  5. J.H. Pierneef, Karoo near Hofmeyer: R1 818 880 (double the low estimate)
  6. Robert Hodgins, The Weather in the Streets: R1 250 480
  7. Edoardo Villa, Homage to Maillol: R1 136 800 (major record price for a Villa work in steel)
  8. Erik Laubscher, Still life with jug and apples: R966 280
  9. Irma Stern, Watussi Dancer: R795 760
  10.  Alexis Preller, Gold Abstract: R682 080

For more information, contact:

Emma Bedford | emma@aspireart.net | 083 391 7235 

Jacqui Carney | jacqui@aspireart.net | 071 675 2991
Mary-Jane Darroll |
mj@aspireart.net | 082 567 1925 

Ruarc Peffers | ruarc@aspireart.net | 084 444 8004

For images:

Jacqui Carney | jacqui@aspireart.net | 071 675 2991 



Aspire Art Auctions 31 October 2016 e-catalogue available at www.aspireart.net

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