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‘Past a Surpassing Disaster: From Film Through Performance Towards Photography’ is an exhibition that looks behind itself, searching for joy around a multi-fold tragic tipping point. In the world of the surpassing disaster, the dust hasn’t settled. We are waiting to feel what has been made to overflow. The contributing artists are: Rafiki Opti (they/them), Devin Allen, Siomara Bochove, Ifebusola Shotunde.

Ifebusola 2020 Lagos

This exhibition will pause to look at the afterlives of three international mass protests. The 2015 Baltimore Uprising will be viewed through the work of renowned Baltimorean photographer Devin Allen. Nigeria’s 2020 #ENDSARS protests will be visualised through the work of Ifebusola Shotunde.

A black queer perspective of the Dutch iteration of Black Lives Matter protests will unfold in Rafiki Opti’s work. Lastly, a historicised and submerged investigation by Siomara Bochove on the – what if’s – of the mythos of Drexciya will re-situates this exhibition in the belly of the ship.

The exhibition will be on view from the 19th of October until the 3rd of December, 2023. For more information, please visit Motormond.

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