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An illustrated book that gives a rare insight into the daily life of the students of the Opera Village Africa

The new illustrated book “MACH DIR EIN BILD” (Getting the picture), published on July 13, 2013, is a product of the project of the same name initiated by the Opera Village Africa together with the photographer Marie Köhler in July 2012. In a four-month workshop, students of the Opera Village Africa were introduced to the camera as a medium. Under professional guidance, they developed a lively curiosity for the technical aspects of the analogue device and tested its artistic possibilities in a playful approach. The workshop emerged out of the creatively motivated and artistically focussed education and cultural programme at the Opera Village Africa.


The resulting photographic works provide a special and rare insight into the world of the family and the everyday life of the children. The authentic and very detailed shots depict situations that sometimes appear completely unknown to us. At the same time there is a strangely familiar suggestion of recognition and solidarity inherent in the photographs. This ambiguity gives them an unusual and haunting power and a special kind of incidental humour.

The aim of the project is to establish an artistic and cultural dialogue through the medium of photography. This volume of photos helps achieve that goal, and not just at the visual level. Because: Forty per cent of the proceeds from the sale of MACH DIR EIN BILD flow into Opera Village Africa and the expansion of the local culture programme. An artist exchange and residency programme is currently in the planning stage.

An exhibition with a selection of the photographs opened in Opera Village Africa on 13 July, 2013: It will also be shown in Germany.

The Opera Village Africa continues to grow and gladly accepts donations for the expansion of its cultural programme.

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