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Invisible Borders 2018 Trans-African Road Trip

Invisible Borders is a Nigerian NPO founded by artist Emeka Okereke. Armed with his band of artists, historians, photographers, film makers and architects the project works to bridge gaps across different African cultures in the form of Trans-African journals, workshops, public platforms and exhibitions. Expanding on the notion of ‘borders’ – Invisible Borders addresses geographic issues as well as “other forms of discriminatory parameters”, providing itself as a symbol of exchange of ideas between African cultures.




Starting in 2009, Invisible Borders has embarked on the 8th edition of their Road Trip Project. The trip epitomizes the organization’s effort to promote Trans-African exchange. In one vehicle two groups of creatives from Africa and the diaspora set out to travel from Lagos, Nigeria to Maputo in Mozambique. From October 3rd to November 23rd, the trip will work to document and interact with stories, events, and happenstances along the way. Mapping their trip on historical routes, the team work creatively in the spaces between past and present; connecting with the lived experiences of border transactions, victims of regional conflicts, as well as exploring the infrastructural and economic development that elude to Africa being regarded as “the continent of the future”.  The participants work to create their own narratives and identities, through a collaborative process where there is the forging of cross-cultural experiences. The project shows how innovation is helping African’s create their own future realities.




2018 Artists:

Emeka Okereke

Barbara Wanjala

Kenechukwu Nwatu

Tope Adegoke

Kosisochukwu Ugwuede

Innocent Ekejiuba

Together in one vehicle, engaging with the cultural and literal landscape of their continent, the artists document their travels with real-time photographs, blogposts and visual diaries, all the while stretching the boundaries of the ‘studio’ allowing the vehicle they travel in to become a space for discussion, experimentation and innovation. Currently in Ikom in Nigeria, the artists will continue through Nigeria to Cameroon, on to the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and down through Zimbabwe ending in Mozambique.






Pamela Bentley is a writer on ART AFRICA‘s editorial team.

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