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This year, join Iziko Museums online and on-site for the annual in_herit FESTIVAL 2021 – a dynamic cultural programme and Heritage Day celebration from 20 – 26 September!

Working in close collaboration with the University of the Western Cape, the Pan South African Language Board, SupuSupu Khoi Language Project, Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Western Cape Language Committee, Afrikaanse Taalraad, Swahili Language Board of Southern Africa, National Library of South Africa’s Centre for the Book and the Indigenous Languages Forum (ILAF), Iziko Museums has developed a multifaceted and fascinating programme in celebration of South Africa’s diverse and shared heritage.


inherit festival programmeClick on the image to view the full size.

September comes as one of the most exciting months in South Africa’s calendar, as it is the period when we celebrate our country’s diverse cultural heritage and identities. To create a conducive space for the celebration of this heritage, Iziko Museums’ in_herit FESTIVAL 2021 offers a diverse range of activities that seek to cater for a diverse audience and ‘publics’. These events range from virtual public conversations on topical issues, traditional dance performances, exhibitions, outreach activities, a slavery walk, behind-the-scenes tours, workshops, pre-recorded talks, planetarium shows, jazz performances, youth poetry reading sessions, various displays and many more.

The in_herit FESTIVAL programme and event details will be available online HERE. Throughout this uncertain period, Iziko has been online and working to showcase our unique work and collections on the website. Visit www.iziko.org.za to explore all that we have on offer, and plan your visit to Iziko Museums of South Africa HERE. Make sure to also like, follow and share our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok!

We invite communities and various sectors of society to participate and become a part of the celebration of our heritage. Please note that all events will take place under strict Covid-19 regulations.

As we reflect on the significance of our shared cultural heritage in nation-building and the fostering of social cohesion, we remember the words of the founding father of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, who once said, “Our rich and varied cultural heritage has profound power to help build our nation”. We also pay special tribute to families and friends who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19 and call on everyone to receive their vaccination and continue to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols.

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