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In April, Inhotim recently launched O Barco | The Boat by Grada Kilomba and ‘Esconjuro’ by Paulo Nazareth

Courtesy of Inhotim.

The institution, known for its long-term exhibitions and innovative curatorial approach, hosted individual exhibitions by the artists at Galerias Galpão and Praça, along with a group show at Galeria Lago. Grada Kilomba unveiled her acclaimed work O Barco | The Boat (2021) in Brazil for the first time, while Paulo Nazareth presented ‘Esconjuro’ (2024), featuring new works and reinterpretations of his pieces. The collective exhibition ‘Essays on Landscape’ (2024) showcased works by Aislan Pankararu, Ana Cláudia Almeida, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, and Zé Carlos Garcia at Galeria Lago.

Inhotim, the largest open-air museum in Latin America, emphasizes the fusion of art and nature in its exhibitions and activities. According to Júlia Rebouças, the institution’s Artistic Director, Inhotim fosters experimentation across various artistic languages and supports solo projects by prominent contemporary artists, such as Kilomba and Nazareth.

Grada Kilomba, a Lisbon-born artist based in Berlin, explores themes of memory, trauma, and post-colonialism through performance, video, and sculptural installations. Her work challenges conventional storytelling and offers immersive experiences. O Barco | The Boat is a sculptural masterpiece that delves into the history of African enslavement, exhibited at Galeria Galpão.

Paulo Nazareth’s exhibition ‘Esconjuro’ unfolds over 18 months, spanning four seasons and multiple locations within Inhotim. Nazareth’s works explore history, territory, and displacement themes, incorporating elements such as a banana plantation and concrete sculptures. The exhibition evolves through renovations, resulting in different versions aligned with each season.

“Essays on Landscape” features artists investigating nature through diverse mediums and perspectives. Aislan Pankararu, Ana Cláudia Almeida, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, and Zé Carlos Garcia contribute to the discourse on climate change and the relationship between humanity and the environment.

Inhotim’s commitment to art and nature is evident in its location amidst the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado biomes. The museum serves as a platform for artists to engage with landscape themes and address pressing environmental issues.

Supported by sponsors like Vale, Inhotim continues to push boundaries in contemporary art and cultural discourse, offering unique experiences that bridge the gap between artistic expression and environmental awareness.

The exhibitions opened on the 17th of April and will be on view till 2025. For more information, please visit Inhotim.

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