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To be disciplined or not, that is the question which begs the title of this exhibition

ART AFRICA visited the artist’s residency at Jardin Rouge in Marrakesh, Morocco and attended the opening of ‘IN-DISCIPLINE #2’.


Montresso* Art Space in Marrakesh. ©Cyril BoixelMontresso* Art Space in Marrakesh. ©Cyril Boixel


“Undisciplined, this is how young artists are, in the sense that they do not allow themselves to be locked in the closed doors of a discipline, but pass from one to another, as if to experiment the idea of Michel Serres (1990) that innovations do not spring from the centre of the disciplines, but in the intersection between two or more epistemes; at the Northwest Passage, in the zone of mixing between the warm and cold seas of the southern and northern hemispheres.” This is the introductory statement by Yacouba Konaté, under whose patronage the ‘IN-DISCIPLINE #2’ exhibition opened on Sunday 24th February 2019. Konaté is the honorary president of the International Association for Art Critics and lives in the Ivory Coast.

As one of the partnering exhibitions to the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair Marrakesh, there was much anticipation to view the exhibition, with over 700 visitors in attendance at the vernissage. The exhibition focuses on artists from the Ivory Coast this year with participating artists Armand Boua, Gopal Dagnogo, Pascal Konan, Joachim Silué and Yeanzi. Brendon and Suzette Bell-Roberts spent time with these artists at the residency programme at Jardin Rouge and conducted video interviews with each artist as well as Yacouba Konaté.


Armand Boua ©Cyril BoixelArmand Boua ©Cyril Boixel


‘IN-DISCIPLINE’ is a travelling programme that was first conceived at the Dakar Biennale in 2016. The first three years of the programme, 2018 to 2020, focus on African countries. ‘IN-DISCIPLINE #1′ focused on Benin and was conceived and curated by Dominique Zinkpè, a visual artist and director of the multidisciplinary cultural centre at Abomey-Calvi in Cotonou, Benin. The programme will then focus on other regions from around the world. The artists’ work within different disciplines, each in their own studio while in residence at Jardin Rouge. The facilities are generously provided by the residency and the tranquillity of the environment allows for complete and undisturbed creativity.

Jardin Rouge was founded in 2009 by Jean Louis Haguenauer. He explains, “IN-DISCIPLINE structures and organises our will to open Jardin Rouge to artists from African countries, including Morocco. The opening on the continent is necessary as much as obvious. To discover, know and accompany more and more African artists and bring to the international what they have to say, to show.”

The video interviews will soon be released on our website, keep an eye open!


Gopal DagnogoGopal Dagnogo ©Cyril Boixel


Yéanzi ©Cyril BoixelYéanzi ©Cyril Boixel


Pascal Konan ©Cyril BoixelPascal Konan ©Cyril Boixel


Kagnédjatou Joachim Silué ©Cyril BoixelKagnédjatou Joachim Silué ©Cyril Boixel


Gopal Dagnogo ©Cyril BoixelGopal Dagnogo ©Cyril Boixel

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