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Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art presents Ahmed Yasser’s first solo exhibition, ‘In The Desert Garden’.

Ahmed Yasser, In The Desert Garden, 2024. Courtesy of the artist and Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art.

‘In the Desert Garden’ follows the relationship between various places and their events through a trip that starts at home and passes through the street, the city, and the world as a whole. This project explores the artist’s perspective on family and society, the discovery that the moral system as a whole has distorted the concept of reward and punishment, and the misunderstanding of urbanisation. Amazon forest countries, for example, uproot trees, build cities, and set fire to the earth; soon, a generation will grow up and be uprooted as well. Despite all this, Yasser still believes humanity can find salvation – in love, that is. The desert exists within the garden, not the other way around. 

The exhibition will be on view from the 25th of February until the 27th of March, 2024. For more information, please visit Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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