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The ‘So you think you can write?’ programme was launched with the National Arts Council, realising the need to be proactive in crafting new ideas.

Each year, four scripts are selected to be part of the mentorship process, and this year, five writers working on four scripts have been selected. Lindiwe Ndlovu is a Market Theatre Laboratory graduate. Lindiwe has worked with many talented creative’s as an actress, singer, poet and dancer. In 2000 her role in “They shoot extras don’t they?” directed by Bruce Koch earned her a nomination for an FNB Vita Award for the most promising new comer in theatre. Other plays in theatre include: “The Necklace” directed by Fiona Ramsey, “The house of Bernada Alba” directed by Swedish Director Maria Weisby and “Wrong day” written and directed by Mufunanji Magalasi, “The best wedding ever” directed by Bruce Koch. Lindiwe appeared in Robin Orlin’s “Daddy I’ve seen this piece more than six times and I still don’t know why they are hurting each other”. Lindiwe appeared in “Volcano” as well as in “Copy the Homosexuals”, both directed by a French director; Sophie Loucachevsky. She also appeared in Julianne Seleke-Mokoto’s “Blind minds” and “Tapping Hearts”. Other plays that have seen Lindiwe’s talent are “Weemen”, and “Colors of the Diaspora.” On filming, she assisted Fiona Ramsey dialogue couch on “Catch a Fire” directed by Phillip Noyce. Her television appearances include, ‘The Sunlight Khanya Ekhaya Show’, Egoli, Stokvel, Erfsonders, Soul city, Isidingo, Backstage, Hare Dumele, Home Affairs and Scandal. Lindiwe is currently co-writing “My dress was never white” with Nomahlubi Mangele. Nomahlubi Mangele studied drama at the University of Cape Town and at the Market Theatre Laboratory. In 2000 she was given an opportunity by the Market Theatre Laboratory to workshop a play titled Crazy 8. In that same year Crazy 8 was chosen to be part of the Barney Simon young Writer’s Festival and was well received by the public. Nomahlubi trained as a puppeteer and travelled nationwide performing children shows in schools. She worked for Penguin Films in the set of Home Affairs as a language, dialogue and content supervisor. She has been in several other projects such as co-writing a radio drama about human trafficking which received air play in a community radio station in Mozambique. In 2010 she wrote Summer Love and Neighbour for ‘Ekasi Our Stories’ short films on etv. Lindelwa Kisana enrolled for a Secretarial and Business Communications Diploma. She later pursued studies in the arts and obtained a Diploma in Performing Arts Studies and Script Writing. She further trained in Stage Management at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town. Lindelwa completed a Journalism Course whilst working in the corporate sector and performing. She performed in plays such as ‘Echoes of Our Footsteps’ and ‘Diaries of my Womanhood’ at the Baxter Theatre. With three members, Lindelwa formed an NGO called Siyanqoba Theatre Project in Khayelitsha which produced two plays, ‘Ladies Carwash’ and ‘Ingxubaxaka’. The plays tackled issues such as rape, abuse and abortion. Both plays were part of the Market Theatre Laboratory’s Zwakala Festival with ‘Ladies Carwash’ selected as one of the top ten plays of seventy plays which participated at the festival. Other performances include ‘Snake Magic’ which was performed at Kalk Bay Theatre, the Baxter Theatre, the UCT Drama School and the International Children’s Festival in Cameroon. In 2008 Lindelwa joined Bornfire Theatre Company and in 2010 she wrote her autobiography which was adapted into a one hour play and is the script she is receiving mentorship for on the NAC’s ‘So you think you can write?’ Programme. Petunia ‘Nunu’ Moloi started drama in the early 90’s in Emfuleni (Boipatong) as part of the Boipatong Cultural Youth Club. Over the years, Petunia has gone on to study drama at the Market Theatre Laboratory as well as at the Theatre on the Square; she then went to teach drama to young people in Sandton, Alexandra and Katlehong. Notable performances over the years have been in ‘Mobu’, a play Directed by Pule Hlatshwayo and ‘Broken Dreams’ directed by Professor Zakes Mda. Her television appearances include ‘Muvhango’ in 2004 as well as ‘A Place Called Home’ in 2008. In 2000, Petunia wrote the play ‘Born Free’ which was performed at the Market Theatre Laboratory’s Annual Zwakala Festival and again in 2009 at the Sibikwa Art Centre Annual Festival. She is currently receiving mentorship for the script, ‘Born Free’. Precious Marobele started performing professionally in 2002. She performed for various theatre and television productions. Precious secured a role in ‘Soul City 7’ as a nurse, ‘Tsha-Tsha’ as a social worker, ‘Generations’ as a personal assistant and on ‘number 90 Plein Street’ as a news reporter. She was a presenter for Mindset Health a programme on Dstv. She has written five theatre scripts and directed three that were performed at Windybrow and Macufe Festivals. Precious is currently the Managing Director of The Best Art Centre in Limpopo and is receiving mentorship for her script, Believe it or not’.

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