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Join us in following the daily activities of the Johannesburg Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. This is the daily entry for Day Nine of the 56th Biennale, in which Roelof Petrus van Wyk gives us some visual insight into the city of Venice via a photo essay.

JP2015 Day 9 1

Walking the Walls

If only the walls of Venice could talk, we would never leave this city of a thousand histories.

Meanwhile, we can only scan the ancient walls, translate the Italian slogans spray painted on building hoardings, photograph the paper-poster-plastered pillars or simply get lost in the community message boards selling a weather beaten couch or a family pack of cheap Chinese-made virility tablets, looking for a real heart beating underneath the skin of Antique Disney.

Who needs words with walls like these?

JP2015 Day 9 2

JP2015 Day 9 3

JP2015 Day 9 4

JP2015 Day 9 5

JP2015 Day 9 6

JP2015 Day 9 7

JP2015 Day 9 8


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