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Are you a mid-career creative with 5-10 years of experience in architecture, design, or spatial practice, whose work is dedicated to (re)imaging the future of your African city? We invite you to apply to the Building Beyond Mentorship and define the future of public space and community in your city by activating the imagined possibilities of your localised context.

Our cities are more than just spaces for living and working; they hold communities, expressions, knowledge systems, economies, beliefs, and they are crucial spaces for identity formation that shapes our lives. Globally, the pressure on cities is growing exponentially, particularly on the African continent.

There is a need to engage in critical questioning; to consider how we live, and what the future could hold. What are the processes that define our shared spaces, what are the forms through which they should be pursued, and who will participate in shaping them?

During this year-long programme, 12 participants are brought together to join peer group sessions, masterclasses, and two Lab Weeks (one in the African continent, and one in the Netherlands). In addition to this, each participant also receives a grant of €10.000 and guidance from mentors to create the body of work.

Would you like to develop a body of work in response to the challenges of your city’s public space and its communities? Follow this link to learn more on how to apply!

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