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A young Actonville soccer champion’s trip to US was clinched at the veterans’ soccer stand-off this weekend.

From the Press Release: “After nearly two decades veteran Actonville soccer teams fielded their best players against old rivals at the Actonville Stadium on Saturday May 21. In a remarkable turn of events, Hemisha Bhana’s (a Wits fine Arts student) assignment to document the history of Actonville has facilitated the realization of a dream for young Kaylin Chengen Francis. What started off as a project to capture the community spirit generated by yesteryear’s soccer legends became an impromptu fundraiser for a young community hopeful. The spirit of Ubuntu generated by Hemisha’s event will see young Kaylin Francis head off to the United States this June. Kaylin has been invited to attend the Alabama A & M Soccer Camp in Huntsville Alabama USA. He has been chosen from a select group of 40 players in South Africa to attend this camp which is an opportunity for young players to showcase their talent in order to be scouted for greater opportunities abroad. The 18-year-old soccer player’s career has been blazing a trail to future stardom since 2003 when he first started picking up accolades for club player of the year, players’ player of the year (2004) and highest goal scorer in the club with 28 goals in 2005. In 2006 Kaylin moved from Old Bens to Benoni Northerns and was selected to represent the Eastern Central District soccer team. He has since been selected to represented BK Callies in the Northern Ireland Milk Cup in 2007; Old Benonians in the Aberdeen International Football Festival in 2008, and has tried out for both Moroka Swallows and the under 17 SA National Team. Managing Director for JT Communication Solutions, Vanessa Perumal, who herself grew up in Actonville said: “Actonville residents, both past and present, have the potential to reinforce the community values of yesteryear in a more meaningful manner; through the pooling of resources aimed at providing opportunities to the youth of the area.” Hemish Bhana’s aim with this soccer match was “to bring back the hype that existed around soccer and to make other people aware of the great talent that Actonville once had”. In doing this she has also exposed the community at large to the fresh pool of talent that exists within the community today. In a community that is struggling with the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse, starved for meaningful social, cultural and sporting activities, and labouring under the scourge of teenage suicide, it is hoped that more initiatives like this will help to turn the tide and provide the youth with more options. Companies and or persons responsible for helping Kaylin raise the necessary funds include: Tasmaya Wholesalers: R1 000JT Communications: R1 000Ashley Naidoo Consulting: R1 000 Kypera Consulting: R5 000Mpower Learning: R1 000MKK Designing and Repro: R1 000RAfrica Truck Sales: R1 000Leeds United [Zunaid]: R 1 000Ydura Turning: R1 000ABG Industrial Supplies: R1 000Brightspark Agencies: R 1 000Bradley Reddy: R500Kieran Dullabh R500Sarvesh & Sharona Govender: R 500Dean Francis and Family: R2 000Anglo Car Dealers: R500Subash & Brother: R1 000Karuna Singh R1 000Shireeno [Vesh Singh]: R 1 000 For more information on the Drawing Photographs from the Archive Project and the Veteran Exhibition Match, contact Hemisha on 078 313 0111 or Saroj on 073 475 6385 or 011 916 3294. For more information on Kaylin Francis’s upcoming trip to the US please contact Samantha on 074 132 8131. For media inquiries and interview requests contact Hlumi/Ayob on 011 788 7631 or Issued by JT Communication Solutions as a social responsibility benefit project.”

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