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Hassan Hajjaj, Meriem Bennani, Yto Barrada and more join ‘Artists For Morocco’ collective

Mous Lamrabat, Moroccan Lions, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

On the evening of Friday September 8th, Morocco was hit by a catastrophic 6.8 magnitude earthquake. As the country mourns the loss of over 2,000 lives and 1,404 seriously injured people, the World Health Organisation estimates that the earthquake has already impacted over 300,000 people. The number is likely to continue climbing.

As urgent calls are made for international aid, a new collective emerges in a bid to raise vital funds for critical on the ground assistance. With the epicentre of the earthquake located deep in the Atlas Mountains, remote Amazigh villages have been reduced to rubble, with countless people still stuck, missing or unaccounted for.

Comprised of 26 established and emerging Moroccan photographers and artists, Artists For Morocco is a collective led by Moroccan GQ Middle East editor-at-large Samira Larouci, photographer Anass Ouaziz and designer Ismail Elaaddioui. Featured artists include Hassan Hajjaj, Meriem Bennani, Yto Barrada, Mous Lamrabat, Ilyes Griyeb, Hanane El Ouardani, Mounir Raji, Rida Tabit, Ismail Zaidy, Jinane Ennasri, Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui, Yassine Sellam, Mehdi El Mallali, Abdela Igmirien, Ismail Elaaddioui, Marouane Beslem, Mohamed Amine Houari, Ali El Madani, Salaheddine El Bouaaichi, Fatimazohra Serri, Joseph Ouechen, Iman Zaoin, M’hammed Kilito, Seif Kousmate, Imane Djamil.

Through a newly launched print sale, Artists for Morocco will be donating all proceeds to two NGOs: Amal Women’s Training Center (a Marrakesh-based women’s charity delivering food to victims in need) and Rif Tribes Foundation (an NGO working to bring aid and support to the affected remote villages).

For more information, please visit Artists for Morocco.

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