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Jozi Art:lab will be showcasing the art of dance during the month of April.

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From the press release: “An exciting dance performance is the exhibition titled Floating Bodies by artists Katrin Wegemann and Itumeleng Mokgope. In addition a two-day dance workshop will be conducted by Fine Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst. WHAT: On 7 April there will be a poetry reading by Charl Pierre Naudé. After the reading Naude together with Katrin Wegemann and jozi art: lab curator Indra Wussow, will discuss the concept of time and space in art and poetry. WHERE: Arts on Main, 260 Fox Street, Cnr Berea Street, District Maboneng WHEN: 7 April 2011 TIME: 18h00 WHAT: Dance performance Floating Bodies by Katrin Wegemann and Itumeleng Mokgope WHERE: Arts on Main, 260 Fox Street, Cnr Berea Street, District Maboneng WHEN: 14 April 2011 TIME: 18h00 In her show Floating Bodies, German artist Katrin Wegemann will present her latest body of work on 14 April 2011 at 18h00. For some time she has been experimenting with air as the material in her work. In this performative sculpture bodies will float through space. For a short time sculptures will be created, each one different from the other and unique. A machine will produce soap bubbles; these airy items are sculptural bodies of air in space and could be transparent or coloured. Although the machine is electronically operated its output of bubbles is always individual – they all appear different from each other. The process itself cannot be controlled. In this manner the artist creates a poem of bubbles that perpetually rewrites itself in time and space. Wegemann will be doing the performance with Itumeleng Mokgope, previously a lead dancer with the South African Ballet Theatre (SABT) and a dance teacher. Wegemann explores natural processes and specifically visualises and materialises its duration and timeframes. With her objects and sculptures she redefines the space they inhabit and focuses on their choreography within in a particular space. ?Her performative sculptures therefore constantly provoke a reconsideration of our reflection on the relation between image and time. Wegemann and Mokgope will be exploring the antagonism of gravity and weightlessness. “Floating Bodies asks how can a body challenge natural processes and turn these upside down. The dancing body is conquering the space and interfering with the floating bodies of Katrin Wegemann´s installation. The dancing body becomes itself part of the installation through this interaction and redefines its sculptural space. This sculpture again will constantly change itself by its very nature and thus constantly challenging the dancers’ perception of time, inner and outer space and movement”, says Wegemann. WHAT: Dance workshop by dancer Fine Kwiatkowski and musician Willehad Grafenhorst WHERE: Arts on Main, 260 Fox Street, Cnr Berea Street, District Maboneng WHEN: Saturday 16 April 2011 11h00 — 16h00 and Sunday 17 April 2011 15h00 — 19h00 COST: R60 (excludes lunch and refreshments) BOOK: Currents is a dance workshop to be conducted on 16 and 17 April 2011 by dancer, Fine Kwiatkowski, and musician Willehad Grafenhorst. Currents is a continuously developing project of this artistic duo. The workshop will offer general information and insight into the work of Kwiatkowski and her concept of interdisciplinary collaborations. “The main focus will be to work with the students on the idea of space which is central to my work”, says Kwiatkowski. The students will be confronted with the space in different ways; the inner space which is within the body of the dancer that he/she always carries within him/herself is confronted by the (outer) architectural space. “This again will be changed through music, images and thus the inner space of the dancer will find a new orientation. Other sensations will be perceived, the movement is changing”, explains Kwiatkowski. jozi art:lab is the Johannesburg ‘partner’ organisation of the Sylt Foundation, based on the island of Sylt, Germany. It has contributed through many projects to the development of the arts in South and Southern Africa for over 10 years. It now has a permanent public venue at Arts on Main, Johannesburg. The new space will be a showroom for production pieces and a centre for multi-disciplinary cultural engagement. The Sylt Foundation develops and supports interdisciplinary art projects with artists from all over the world. Many projects are initiated as collaborations between local artists and artists from abroad, who are invited to Johannesburg to participate in the Foundation’s residency programme. For more information about Jozi art:lab contact: ”

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