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The exhibition is a special project that has been incorporated in their seven-month-long ‘African Identities’ exhibition.

Courtesy of the artist and AKKA Project.

The exhibition consists of works produced during Kabiru’s AKKA Project Venice Artist Residency, which took place from the 25th of August until the 31st of October 2021. The exhibition will be showcasing works made during his stay in Venice and works created in his studio in Nairobi with Venetian found objects that he carried with him to Kenya.

Cyrus’s chosen medium of expression emphasises the concepts of repurposing and the nostalgic connection to humble objects. Best known for his self-portraits and C-stunners, Cyrus’s work reflects his standpoint providing viewers with a fresh set of lenses. Kabiru’s artwork is included in many private and public collections. His artwork, titled Miyale Ya Blue, was acquired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) New York.

During the solo exhibition, the Venice Residency program will be welcoming Pamela Enyonu. The residency is located at AKKA Project Venezia situated in the cultural and artistic heart of the Venetian lagoon.

Pamela Enyonu is a Ugandan artist living in Kampala who graduated from Kyambogo University Banda in Art and Design. She draws inspiration from gender, identity, empowerment, and self-awareness narratives to create works that balance and offset the personal with a deeply rooted message.

During Pamela’s two months residency at AKKA Project, she will be able to explore and challenge her creative processes. This time allows the artist to work on a concept, research, reflect, immerse themselves and get inspired by Venice. The artist-in-residence will draw inspiration from Venice and the Italian territory, its culture, colours, and traditions. The residency outcome will be exhibited as a solo show at AKKA Project Venice in the coming year.

‘A Small World’ will be on view from the 1st of September until the 10th of October 2022. For more information, please visit AKKA Project.

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