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1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the world’s leading platform for contemporary art from Africa and  the African diaspora, is delighted to announce details of the upcoming Marrakech edition from 8-11  February 2024 (Press preview 8 February). For the first time, 1-54 will take place both at La  Mamounia hotel and multidisciplinary art space DaDa in the heart of the bustling Medina. This exciting  expansion is a testament to the fair’s success and demonstrates commitment to the dynamic Moroccan  art scene.  

Sara Benabdallah, NEW YORK – MARRAKECH NO. 8, 2024. Fujiflex print, 90 x 60cm. Edition of 3 plus 2 artist’s proofs. Courtesy of the artist and Nil Gallery

The 2024 Marrakech edition will welcome 27 exhibitors, including 14 galleries from the African  continent, eight of which are based in Morocco.  

Galleries CDA Gallery (Casablanca, Morocco), Galerie 208 (Paris, France), M CONCEPT Gallery  (Dakar, Senegal), Myriem Himmich Gallery (Casablanca, Morocco), Reiners Contemporary Art  (Marbella, Spain), Revie Projects (Paris, France),and The Bridge Gallery (Paris, France) will  participate for the first time in any of 1-54’s three global editions, and 14 galleries will debut in  Marrakech including: African Arty (Casablanca, Morocco), Christophe Person (Paris, France),  Gallery 1957 (Accra, Ghana and London, UK), Galerie Atiss Dakar (Dakar, Senegal), Portas  Vilaseca Galeria (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), kó (Lagos, Nigeria) and The African Art Hub (London,  UK).  

Since 2018, 1-54 has successfully grown its presence in Marrakech. As a thriving hub for the continent’s  art scene, Marrakech serves as an ideal backdrop for the fair, capitalising on the city’s creative spirit  nurtured by a community of artists, galleries, and institutions. To further expand its presence within the  Moroccan capital 1-54 is pleased to expand the fair’s footprint into the Medina as DaDa arts space host  6 galleries for the 2024 edition. In addition, 1-54 will continue its dynamic programme of events in  partnership with local institutions including Jajjah by Hassan Hajjaj, MAP Marrakech (Musée des  Arts de la Parure), Fondation Montresso*, Institut Français de Marrakech, Le Comptoir des  Mines and Al Maqam (artists’ residence) among others. Throughout the fair there will also be a focus 

on Moroccan artists, offering a platform for local talent to shine on a globally recognised stage. The  programme will feature studio visits of artists including Yasmina Alaoui, M’barek Bouhchichi, Yamou,  and Amina Benbouchta. 

Black Rock Global Arts Foundation will partner with 1-54 to co-host a symposium on the state of  artist-centric institutions in Africa. Leaders from artist residencies, foundations, public museums, and  artist-led initiatives to come together to discuss the growing presence of these spaces in Africa. Kehinde  Whiley’s foundation will also showcase works by former Black Rock Senegal artists-in-residence  Léonard Pongo (Mixed-Media, Year 3) and Devin B. Johnson (Painter, Year 1) as one of the special  projects at the fair. Working across disciplines, both Pongo and Johnson’s work speak to the diversity  of techniques that Black Rock Sénégal alumni explore, and the power of the connections forged with  the artistic community in Dakar.  

Founding Director of 1-54, Touria El Glaoui, commented: “Expanding the fair to DaDa in the heart  of the Medina signifies not only the success of 1-54 Marrakech but also our steadfast commitment to  engaging with the Moroccan art scene. We are delighted to see so many local artists and galleries on  the programme, showcasing these countries contribution to the rich tapestry of contemporary African  art. This year’s Marrakech edition has a focus on supporting artists, and through partnerships and  events such as the symposium with Black Rock Global Arts Foundation, we aim to offer meaningful  dialogue and connections between African artists and institutions. We look forward to welcoming old  friends and newcomers alike to the Marrakech edition, to celebrate the power of African art and its  global impact.” 

Following the INFINIMENT COTY PARIS reveal in avant-premiere last October in London, 1-54 is  delighted to partner again with the very exclusive fragrance brand for its Marrakech edition. Behind the  brand, two creators – Sue Nabi and Nicolas Vu – who share a passion for the world of beauty with  INFINIMENT COTY PARIS they aspire to define new codes for the perfumery of tomorrow and 

introduce the next generation of fragrances whose longevity and scents are augmented by science.  Designed to be stackable, the INFINIMENT COTY PARIS bottles become canvas of artistic expression.  Perpetuating this “artcycling” approach, the brand will showcase within the fair a selection of new  artworks inspired by iconic fragrances from the collection to be released end of February. 

Now in its fifth consecutive year, 1-54’s continued partnership with Christie’s reflects the fair’s dynamic  relationship with the global auction house. The collaboration also demonstrates Christie’s commitment  to showcasing contemporary African art to its global client base and enhancing exposure for the fair  internationally.  

1-54 is proud to once again be partnering with Audi Maroc. Audi maintains a creative dialogue with art  and design: Art is created on the pulse of time and provides a perspective on developments of the  future. As a progressive brand, Audi stands for modern, trendsetting design and seeks creative  interaction. The support of visual arts and design therefore plays an important role for the company.  The Audi Group is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles in the premium and luxury  segments. 

Fondation TGCC is delighted to support 1-54 as a long-standing sponsor since its first edition in  Marrakech. Created in 2017, Fondation TGCC works towards the promotion and accessibility of  contemporary art through Artorium Art Space and charity events. Its mission is to preserve, transmit  and reveal culture through its commitment to Morocco’s cultural landscape. This year, the foundation  will be present at DaDa to share information about its initiative to support emerging contemporary  artists, Prix Mustaqbal. 

For more information, please visit 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair.

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