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First Title

This July Goodman Gallery Johannesburg will present [Working Title], an annual exhibition that is part of a new initiative aimed at supporting young artists, independent projects and major installations and performances.


This installment is curated by Emma Laurence and incorporates artists working in various and perhaps unconventional media such as 3-D cinema, interactive gaming, short stories and punk inspired performance, as well as artists who begin to interrogate modes of representation and viewing in painting and photography.

During the run of the show, a series of scheduled events will take place as part of [Working Title] and will include an off-site project by Cuss Group called Video Party, a performance after the opening by The Frown and The Brother Moves On in the Goodman Gallery basement and an opening address and lecture by distinguished theorist Achille Mbembe, who will speak on “The Postcolony Revisited”.

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