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Curator and interviewer extraordinaire Hans Ulrich Obrist is to publish an online compendium of his thousands of hours of interviews with artists from the very first, which took place in 1985.

Titled the Institute of the 21st Century, the project is intended as a resource that will make Obrist’s valuable primary research available to arts professionals around the word at the website http://www.i21c.org. Obrist began what is now widely referred to as “The Interview Project” as a young traveler in the mid-1980s, and since then he has honed the art of the art interview to the point of mastery. The Institute for the 21st Century officially launches on the weekend of 29 July, and will be in development thereafter for two to three years. Obrist will mark this occasion with live interviews with John Baldessari and Danny Hills. The Institute for the 21st Century will also operate a bookstore, and for the launch Obrist and Hans-Peter Feldmann have designed a special limited edition of tote bags. You’ll have to fly to Los Angeles to get one. But with so many interviews to read, you won’t be toting anything anywhere for a while.

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