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One of the World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 projects that will be living in proxy is Kenya Creative Week, which starts today until August 10th 2014 in Nairobi Kenya. Its aims are to communicate, support and facilitates the development of the creative and knowledge economy in Kenya through key partnerships with the vision of making Kenya one of the leading states for knowledge, innovation, creativity and culture in Africa.

Kenya Creative Week is a partnership programme of different sectors in the creative industries, a collaboration between public and private sectors working together to develop, promote and manage Kenya. It was started last year (2013) with the input of more of many specialists working in and for creative and cultural industries. Kenya Creative Week’s strength lies in its ability to build dynamic partnerships both within and beyond Kenya through networking, information sessions and related programmes, helping to build an enabling environment for the creative industries in Kenya.
It aims to be a collaboration between advertising, design, digital media collide and the arts. It’s about art and copy, concept and execution, pop-culture and high arts. It’s about award shows, thought leadership, and presentations designed to honour, inspire and connect the creative community in Kenya and beyond.
The Kenya Creative Week exists to educate and inspire students of the business, and benefit the next generation through scholarships, portfolio reviews and annual student exhibitions and competitions. And finally, The Kenya Creative Week exists to inspire clients to seek the rewards that come with calculated risks and new ideas. As long as great ideas are allowed to take form, the Kenya Creative Week will continue to encourage them.
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How Does Kenya Creative Week Help to Transform Lives?  
The project aims to promote innovation and creativity, not only in arts but in other business sectors to foster the best design in the community. In this way, capacity for leadership is improved. The creative week will bring out new concepts, develop new ideas and through the motivation that comes with it, key features like creativity and design are developed which contribute to a major growth of a great knowledge economy. Through the Education sessions, the creative week will also be helping build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students. The focus on design to transform lives helps make creative ideas into new products, services and systems, which links creativity to innovation and has the potential to substantially improve the image, and profitability of a country, business and the community too.
The Legacy of Kenya Creative Week
The connecting of different people, the motivation that comes with the different award ceremonies, the launch and opening of the various many projects within the week, the great learning and networking experience both by students and different industry Gurus. We believe helping people live better lives through creativity, innovation, design, networking and motivation for better designed concepts and ideas will make the legacy of the Creative Week.
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All images and text taken from http://www.kenyacreativeweek.co.ke.

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