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Wits Art Gallery hosts the Martienssen Prize Exhibition, 2012 from Thursday 24 August to Sunday 2 September

The annual Martienssen Prize Exhibition is selected from projects submitted by senior Wits Fine Arts students and adjudicated by a panel of judges chosen by both students and staff. The prize, named in honour of Heather Martienssen, the first Professor of Fine Arts at Wits, is awarded to honour artistic excellence in a work produced by a senior student. Acknowledgement in this forum is often a predictor of later success in an artist’s professional career. Past winners include Jane Alexander (1982), Alan Alborough (1986), Natalie Western (2002), Gabrielle Goliath (2007) and Joan Hassan (2011). The exhibition is organised by Gabi Ngcobo of the Wits Fine Arts Department. http://www.wits.ac.za/witsartmuseum/2826/wits_art_museum.html

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