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The 13th edition of Dak’Art Biennale


Dakar, Senegal


The 13th edition of the bi-annual Dakar Biennale opens today in Senegal’s capital until June 2nd. Following the 2016 theme of ‘The city in the blue day’ – drawn from a poem by Léopold Sédar Senghor – the 2018 theme echoes the colourful influence of the Négritude movement, with the theme of ‘The Red Hour’, drawn from fellow father of Négritude Aimé Césaire’s play and the dogs went silent. In this text Césaire deals with issues of emancipation, freedom, and responsibility, with the title appearing in the play when the ‘first tempting voice’ says, “I am the Red Hour, the undone Red Hour”. The ‘second tempting voice’ replies, stating, “I am the hour of nostalgias, the hour of miracles”.

The biennale organizers thus describe ‘The Red Hour’ as: “the coming of age. It is the moment when one emancipates oneself from what has been by transforming it and giving it a new strength. It is the hour of metamorphosis and transformation.” This investigation of our changing world will be overseen by Simon Njami, whose role as Artistic Director of Dak’Art in 2016 has been renewed for 2018. Njami is appointed to oversee the international exhibition titled ‘A New Humanity’ which this year showcases 75 artists from 33 countries of the world, chosen from 500 applications. Additionally, five guest curators – Cosmin Costinas, Marisol Rodriguez, Alya Sebti, Marianne Hultman, and Bonaventure Ndikung – are tasked with curating a collective show with artists of their choosing.


Zahra Abba Omar is an intern on ART AFRICA‘s editorial team.

For more information on Dak’Art Biennale, click here.

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