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The Prince Claus Fund together with the Goethe-Institut has announced 12 Award recipients of the 2022 Mentorship Awards for Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change.

LEFT TO RIGHT FROM TOP: Benji Boyadgian (Palestine), Tamzyn Botha (South Africa), Maya Quilolo (Brazil), Guely Morató Loredo (Bolivia), Bermet Borubaeva (Kyrgyzstan), Daniel Godinez Nivon (Mexico), Razcel Jan Salvarita (Phillipines), Long Pan (China), Paribartana Mohanty (India), Prin Rodriguez (Peru), Renzo Alva Hurtado (Peru), Koloto Siraji (Ghana)

Floods and forest fires, storms and disappearing species: the climate crisis is being felt everywhere around the globe. Artists and cultural practitioners are responding to the crisis, engaging their communities, proposing inventive solutions and imagining alternative futures. 

The Mentorship Awards for Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change bring together 12 emerging artists and cultural practitioners from around the world in a year-long interdisciplinary programme. They are supported by four mentors as well as their peers and work at accelerating their engaged community-based practices addressing environmental issues. 

The group is guided by: scientist and gender diversity advocate Brigitte Baptiste; Etcétera Collective formed by Federico Zukerfeld & Loreto Garín Guzman and artist and academic Serkan Taycan.

This year’s Awardees work in a variety of disciplines, from architecture, photography and visual arts to biotech, sound art and research, with most working in multiple disciplines. They come from 11 different countries, including Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Uganda, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan, India, China and the Philippines.

The Awardees Are:
  • Koloto Siraji (Ghana)
  • Renzo Alva Hurtado (Peru)
  • Guely Morató Loredo (Bolivia)
  • Tamzyn Botha (South Africa)
  • Maya Quilolo (Brazil)
  • Benji Boyadgian (Palestine)
  • Long Pan (China)
  • Prin Rodriguez (Peru)
  • Paribartana Mohanty (India)
  • Razcel Jan Salvarita (Phillipines)
  • Daniel Godinez Nivon (Mexico)
  • Bermet Borubaeva (Kyrgyzstan)

For more information on the awards, please visit the Prince Claus Fund.

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