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In The New African Photography we see this fast changing continent through the eyes of its most acute observers: its photographers.

Three vivid profiles show a new generation of photographers challenging portrayals of Africa – few regions remain as photographically miss-represented as Africa.

The latest generation of photographers is taking back control of their image with a more nuanced portrayal. Honest and unflinching about real problems facing their countries, and still wrestling with the past, they’re keen to celebrate what unique about their region, and are optimistic about a future they feel is increasingly in their hands.

George Osodi – Nigeria, Niger Delta
Main characters: George Osodi
Photography with an African perspective. George Osodi photographs the grim reality of oil rich Niger Delta and meets Nigeria’s traditional monarchs.

Congolese Dreams – Congo/DRC/Germany
Director: Philippe Cordey. Company: Suka Productions (DRC) Exec: Djo Munga
Main characters: Baudouin Mouanda

Photographers challenging portrayals of Africa. Internationally acclaimed Baudouin Mouanda explores the idea of marriage in the Congo.

Mario Marcilau – Mozambique
Director: Francois Verster. Company: Fireworx Media (Jo’burg, SA.). Exec: Neil Brandt
Main characters: Mario Marcilau

Former street child Mario Macilau uses photography to investigate the growing gap between rich and poor in Mozambique.

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