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German artist Harald Hermann exhibits for the first time in Portugal at MOVART, as part of the Gallery’s new phase of programming in Lisbon.

Courtesy of MOVART.

Harald Hermann’s paintings invite viewers on a journey through utopian landscapes and somber pictorial realms. He constructs his own cosmos on canvases of various sizes by superimposing or collaging multiple layers, quotations, and details, thereby creating echoes of fleeting thoughts and long forgotten tales. In the spirit of Romanticism, his work encourages the boundless and imaginative mind to break boundaries and to dissolve the distinction between reality and fantasy. However, the dreamlike and otherworldly aspects of his art do not romanticise reality; instead, Hermann provocatively deconstructs his motifs, forging a hyper reality that inspires the beholder to perceive a fresh vision of what is truly real.

His series titled ‘THE FLORAISSANCE HAS BEGUN’ is dedicated to the negotiation of the dichotomy of nature and culture. Drawing from magical locations such as sacred sites, altars, shrines, and statues from various religious and cultural traditions, Hermann embeds them within lush, jungle-like natural settings. The untamed and anarchic nature of these motifs symbolises the sublimity of nature compared to all human attempts at domestication. The title itself, ‘THE FLORAISSANCE HAS BEGUN’, alludes to the contemporary movement of reconnecting art more strongly with nature and sensuality. It serves as a plea for greater humility in the face of planetary boundaries, particularly within the context of climate change and discussions on the Anthropocene.

Lisbon- and Berlin-based artist Harald Hermann was born and raised in Germany.

The exhibition will be opening the 1st of June, 2023. For more information, please visit MOVART.

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