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Tonight, the Sober & Lonely Institute for Contemporary Art (SLICA), will launch a new project exploring the measurement of telepathic thought transfer.

Titled For Karl Krall: A Quantifiable Experiment in Telepathic Thought Transferal, this initiative will focus on the possibilities of telepathic communication in the production of art works and curatorial exercises.

SLICA, which has until recently operated out of a house in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, moves today into a 1,72×1,72.1,62m space in VANSA Gauteng’s headquarters. Their space is actually sublet by the resurrected Parking Gallery, and For Karl Krall represents the start of an ongoing collaboration between SLICA and the Parking Gallery.

For the duration of the project, SLICA’s founders Lauren Van Gogh and Robyn Cook will use their tiny cube as a hub for receiving telepathic messages from participating artists. They will then carry out actions based on their interpretation of received telepathic messages. This arrangement makes it possible for them to work with artists anywhere in the world without so much as a cent spent on international flights.

Karl Krall, to whom the project is dedicated, was a German horse trainer at the turn of the 19th Century, who raised a horse named Muhamed who he claimed was especially gifted. Muhamed was able to perform mathematical calculations, to recognize musical harmony and dissonance, and, eventually, to communicate through thought with his trainers.

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