John-Michael Metelerkamp, Nekkies 15 from the series ‘The Immortal Nekkies’, 2018. Mixed media on board, 90 x 90cm. Courtesy of Candice Berman Gallery.

Immortal Nekkies

John-Michael Metelerkamp paints the outskirts of Knysna – shifting…
Daniel Stompie Selibe, Recollections, 2016. Courtesy of Candice Berman Gallery

Art, Music and Creating Democracy

Daniel Stompie Selibe will present with Candice Berman Gallery…
John-Michael Metelerkamp, from the series The Immortal Nekkies, 2017. Mixed Media. Courtesy of the artist & Berman Contemporary.

Alien Growth

Confronting the world’s agenda with acrylic, oil and cut outs   John-Michael…