Obsidian Samurai XXIII, 2020. Polyurethane plastic, used inner tyre tubes, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, polyurethane foam, nails, glass, epoxy resin, cotton cloth, cotton cord, cotton rope, thermoplastic, wax pigment, faux suede, beads, replica katana. Dimensions: 820 x 810 x 2060mm. Courtesy of the artist.

The East is a Career: Ashraf Jamal explores the work of artist, Nicola Roos

Roos' pieces reflect on Africa’s historical co-dependence on…
Alia Ali, BORDERLAND series, 2017. © Alia Ali, courtesy of the artist.

ASIA: A Culture Alive

ART AFRICA, issue 08.  Asia. The name was a gasp from…