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Belinda Blignaut, Stuart Bird and Linda Stupart are jointly interrogating the violence and pathos of everyday life in a new exhibition

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CAPE TOWN, Dec. 9, 2010 — Former church restorer and recent MTN New Contemporaries nominee Stuart Bird, known for his love of white vests, will be participating in a three-way collaborative exhibition with Belinda Blignaut and Linda Stupart at Cape Town venue YoungBlackman this coming Friday, December 10.

According to a press statement, the exhibition, entitled Vex and Siolence, will look at “the violence and pathos of everyday life”. Advance publicity suggests that the event may include some material violence to the gallery itself.

The exhibition will open with a performance (18:00-21:00) and is followed by a party at the Kimberly Hotel. All proceeds from the party will go towards the Save YoungBlackman Fund.

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