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With over 10 years in the art publishing business, Art South Africa is uniquely positioned as an expert on art publishing. Founded by Brendon and Suzette Bell-Roberts, Art South Africa magazine is the longest running independent art magazine in Southern Africa, with many award winning books being published by the Bell-Roberts (amongst others, 10 Years + 100 Artists and 10 years + 100 Buildings). As well as these publishing services, artsouthafrica.com has many digitally based services to offer, including publishing digital editions, e-books, online catalogues and apps. If you are interested in Art South Africa’s publishing services, please contact Brendon Bell-Roberts (brendon@artsouthafrica.com) or Siobhan Keam (siobhan@artsouthafrica.com).


www.artsouthafrica.com is an integral part of constructing a new African network, linking the different elements of Art South Africa to form a creative hub connecting people across the world. In addition to selected excerpts from the magazine, artsouthafrica.com has a host of Web-exclusive features, including Art Calendar, news and reviews that are updated regularly. This website is the essential resource and portal to what is happening in arts, design and culture on the African Continent. Our interactive guide to exhibitions and events around the world, includes galleries, museums, art fairs, art biennales, competitions and auctions. For more information on being part of the Art South Africa online community, contact Brendon Bell-Roberts (brendon@artsouthafrica.com) or Siobhan Keam (siobhan@artsouthafrica.com)


Art South Africa tv is the new video service, an integrated part of artsouthafrica.com. Videos range from interviews with artists and creatives, shorts and documentaries, building up and archive of footage that documents the creative industries. The Art South Africa Video team is Brendon-Bell Roberts (Executive Producer), Michelle Pretorius (Director and Videographer) and Lorien Bolus (Editor). To make your own video, contact Brendon Bell-Roberts (email link) or Siobhan Keam (email link) VIRTUAL TOURS Audiences anywhere can browse physical spaces and exhibitions, able to view and even purchase artworks for sale. A fully integrated package ensure maximum user experience for galleries (with their own personal Art South Africa URL) with full back-end support, also allowing galleries to post videos with curators/artists with full social media integration. For more information on virtual tours contact Brendon Bell-Roberts (brendon@artsouthafrica.com) or Siobhan Keam (siobhan@artsouthafrica.com).

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