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The Photography Festival San José Foto makes an international open call to select photographic projects for its main exhibition to be held from the 20th to the 23rd of April 2023 at the different public spaces of the city.

From a perspective open to all photographic practices, San José Foto aims to explore different visual representations related to the central theme of this fourth edition, “Territory” -considering the territory as the result of the interaction and interconnection between natural elements and humanity over time, a dynamic spatiotemporal construction built through the relationships between different living beings, people and social groups.

It is multidimensional, as it has environmental, biological, social, cultural, historical, political, technological, and identity aspects. It is multi-scale, which considers the multiple levels of articulation found at both spatial and temporal scales, making it homogeneous and heterogeneous in all its parts. It is concrete and material as it connects to one or more forms, objects, and surface areas but also possesses immaterial, symbolic, and spiritual dimensions.

It is also a mutant historical construction resulting from activity in a given space where human interaction generates transformations and positive and negative consequences in the place we occupy. It is also the space of existence and coexistence between beings, the object of dispute and domination, that harbours experiences in a realistic or even virtual environment, as in the latest Metaverse and AI technologies.

It is increasingly necessary to reflect on our territories: What is a territory? What defines or delimits it? Who can or cannot inhabit it? How does the occupation of a territory occur? Why do territorial disputes arise today? What connections provide a sense of belonging in our spaces and communities? How does territory influence them? How have we changed/transformed the spaces we occupy? What are the consequences? Do we have the capacity to change the territory without destroying it or exceeding its point of balance? Are we capable of sharing the space we inhabit with other beings? Will the human experience be gradually more divided between our time in the physical territory and the virtual one? Which other territories may be feasible beyond the terrestrial? Is it possible to think of sensitive or symbolic territories? What about forbidden territories? How do human relations change depending on the environment where they develop? Are nations the owners of the territory they inhabit? How can these and so many other questions be answered through contemporary visual narratives?

For the fourth edition, they present this international call for photographic or multimedia projects that visually express the diversity, dynamism, and complexity of the concept of “Territory” in all its forms.

The call is broad and open to submitting photographic series and other artistic proposals based on photography in an intrinsic relationship with different visual, sound, and poetic disciplines.

The open call is open until the 28th of February 2023. For more information, please visit San José Foto.

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