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After the preview performances of The Bird Watchers on 10 and 11 May, Athol Fugard will answer questions from the audience about his latest play.

From the Press Release: “Tonight is the first of two preview performances of Athol Fugard’s The Bird Watchers, premièring at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town. Tonight’s Q&A session will be facilitated by Daniel Galloway, the Fugard Theatre’s general manager, and by author Justin Cartwright tomorrow night. The Bird Watchers is Fugard’s latest world première to be staged on the Fugard Theatre stage from 10 May to 4 June. He dedicates his latest work to two defining friendships from his early years in theatre in South Africa, namely those with Barney Simon and Yvonne Bryceland. The three friends in the play are the passionate Garth, played by Sean Taylor (a “rough-around the edges” playwright), Guy De Lancey as the gentle-mannered Lenny, (a director) and Dorothy Ann Gould flamboyant Rosalyn (an actress). The Bird Watchers will be managed by the same creative team that delivered The Train Driver in 2010, which also saw the evergreen 79-year-old Fugard direct a world première of his own work in the theatre that carries his name. Lighting design is again by Mannie Manim, who has lit every one of Fugard’s plays, and costume and set design by Saul Radomsky. Bookings, with reserved seating, for The Bird Watchers can be made on www.computicket.com, or by phoning the Fugard Theatre Box Office on 021 461 4554. About the Fugard Theatre: The 280-cinema style seater Fugard Theatre is located within the historic Sacks Futeran building in Cape Town’s District Six, with the renovated Congregational Church Hall in Caledon Street as its entrance. Construction of The Fugard Theatre was underwritten by its founding producer Eric Abraham, and is named in honour of Athol Fugard, South Africa’s greatest playwright. All seating is now reserved and can be booked on line at www.computicket.com or the box office on 021 461 4554. Those interested in the theatre should contact the Fugard Theatre General Manager Daniel Galloway on .”

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