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A new round of indabas for the performing arts community is due to kick off.

From the Press Release: “Once again, thespians, dancers and arts administrators are invited to air their ideas, grievances and opinions, in the interests of bringing more vibrancy, efficiency and visibility to the local arts scene. THE PURPOSE OF THE INDABAS The Southern African Theatre Initiative (SATI) in partnership with the National Community Theatre (NACTED Network) approached the Department of Arts and Culture to conduct nationwide research on theatre and dance in South Africa, in order to determine where its strengths and weaknesses lie. From the conclusions yielded by these discussions or indabas, strategic documents will be drawn up by each geographical area’s task team. These will be forwarded to the Minister, and will inform future policy to ensure growth, development and sustainability within the various performing arts disciplines. This initiative is built upon the recognition that the performing arts is a powerful communication tool than can be used not only for entertainment, but to address national issues and educate audiences on a range of topics of societal significance. It is generally recognised that work must be done in the areas of skills transfer, networking and mentoring, and the development of fresh, creative content. Logistical issues also need to be attended to, in order for theory to be translated into action. WHY SHOULD YOU BE TAKING PART? There is no point in putting structures in place unless they are workable, useful ones that will serve the actor/dancer community! That is why we need the widest range of actors and dancers to be represented, and put forward their recommendations. This isn’t just a question of standing up and saying something which will be forgotten the next day. A strategic document will be developed from all the findings in each province, and these will be presented to the minister, thus ensuring that artists’, dancers’ and administrators’ views, grievances and recommendations find their way to the top! This is the continuation and culmination of a process that kicked off nationally two years ago. Attendees at these indabas will also be informed about the progress of previous initiatives, and will have the Opportunity to contribute their input as to how they believe these processes are playing out. Now is the time for the voices of the performing community to be heard. There’s no point in complaining afterwards if you didn’t speak up in the first place! DATES & INFO TO DIARISE SATI will be running the Indaba in the Eastern Cape at the Alexander Playhouse this Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June. The final Indaba will be held in Mpumalanga at the end of June. Thus nine provinces will have been completed and the National Indaba will hear all the recommendations around funding and policy from all Nine Provinces later this year. The Theatre Indabas take place under the stewardship of the Southern African Theatre Initiative (SATI), and with funding from The Department of Arts and Culture. Media Queries:Bridget van Oerle / Christabel ZuluBUZ Publicity 011 482 3467/3489 083 263 6991 / 084 5522 417FAX 086 694 4054”

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