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Swiss Dance Company 7273 is coming to South Africa for a national tour in April.

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presented by Pro Helvetia Cape Town, the liaison office of the Swiss Arts
Council in southern Africa, and is partnering with GIPCA (The Gordon Institute
for Performing and Creative Arts) for the Cape Town section of the tour.

The 7273
Southern African tour will include performances of two contemporary
improvisation dance pieces, Romance-S and Listen & Watch, in Johannesburg,
Oudtshoorn, Cape Town, Maputo and Harare.

7273 is made
up of the duo Nicolas Cantillon, born in 1972, and Laurence Yadi, born in 1973.
Yadi, who trained with the Alvin Ailey Centre in New York, and Cantillon, who
studied dance at the Marius Petipa Conservatory in Paris, formed 7273 in 2003.
They arrived at dance from different paths, with Yadi coming from a sports
background, sand Cantillon from a career in the arts as a singer and guitarist.

They began
their dance careers in a number of productions, either as dancers or
choreographic assistants. Their paths crossed occasionally as a result of
working for the J. Art Ballet in Paris, as well as at the Company Alias in
Geneva, where they met and collaborated with Gisela Rocha and Rui Horta. Their
works as 7273 include La vision du lapin (2003), Simple proposition, (2004), En
concert and Laï laï laï laï (2007, 2008). In 2006, their piece Climax won an
award from the Liechti Foundation for the Arts. From 2009 to 2011 the company
has received support from the Ville de Genève, the Rèpublique et Canton de Genève
and Pro Helvetia.

The 7273 tour
will start with two performances of Romances-S at the Wits Theatre on 4 and 5
April at 19:30. Romance-S (2009) is a contemporary love story told through an
elegantly simple pas de deux, with numerous references to the history of dance.
It is a study of bodies and the space between them, a space common to both love
and dance. Tickets are R66 and R38.50 for students and can be booked at

They will then
take Romance-S to the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn on 6 and 7
April. Tickets are R75 and available from Computicket. Following this, they are
performing at the Little Theatre, Cape Town on 12 and 13 April, hosted by
GIPCA. There will also be 2 workshops 9 and 11 April at the Hiddingh hall and
the events are free.

On 15 April
they will be at the Centre Culturel Franco-Mozambicain (CCFM), Maputo,
Mozambique. The group will facilitate workshops in Mozambique and work with
artist Nelton Miranda to prepare for performances of their second dance piece.

7273’s second
piece, Listen & Watch (2009), will be performed in Maputo on 25 April and
in Harare on 26 and 27 April. Listen & Watch is an endless and intense
pursuit of the spiritual and physical limits in dance, featuring Nicolas
Cantillon’s solo dance in dialogue with music performed on stage by Mozambican
bass player and keyboardist Nelton Miranda.

During their
tour, the company also will facilitate workshops for local dance professionals
and audiences. Family Dance is a workshop that brings together dance
professionals, parents, and their children between the ages of 4 and 12. “The
objective is to establish new links between children and their parents through
touch and embrace in an artistic setting, with the advice of experts in the
field of movement,” said Eitan Prince, Pro Helvetia Communications Manager. These
workshops will be hosted at the Dance Factory in Johannesburg on 3 April, at
Hiddingh Hall in Cape Town on 9 April, and on 17 April in Maputo.

workshops for young professionals will also be held in Cape Town on 11 April,
and in Maputo on 17 April.

For more
information about 7273 and the Southern African tour, contact Eitan Prince at
Pro Helvetia Cape Town on 021 465 9033, or e-mail . See www.prohelvetia.org.za and
www.cie7273.com for more details.

Tickets for
the Wits Theatre performances (4 and 5 April) are available on
www.ticket.co.za, and the performances at the KKNK (on 6 and 7 April) are on
www.computicket.com. Details about the performances as part of the GIPCA
project in Cape Town on 12 and 13 April, as well as bookings for the workshops,
will follow.”

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