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‘Concrete’ and ‘innovation’ are two words which are seldom used in the same sentence. However, the latest trends in concrete bear witness not just to the unlimited application of design thinking, but also to the flexibility of concrete itself – especially when combined with other materials. By entering the PPC Imaginarium Awards (closing 31 August 2015), you not only stand a chance to win one of the biggest cash prizes for an art/design competition, but the chance to launch your career and challenge the perception of concrete as a one-dimensional medium.

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As innovation in concrete moves across the global fields of design, art and architecture, South African emerging creatives stand a chance to be a part of this international movement to change the current perception of cement and its applications.
Local cement company, PPC Ltd, has risen to the challenge of changing the perception and usage of cement by fostering a space for innovation and trends from within the company. PPC has a dedicated innovation department that exists to research and promote the innovative use of cement and concrete – enter the PPC Imaginarium Awards.
Un-established artists and designers stand a chance to change their careers through financial support, recognition, mentorship and guidance by entering the 2015/2016 PPC Imaginarium Awards. Already in its 2nd year, the PPC Imaginarium Awards is noteworthy for offering the country’s richest cash prize for an arts and design competition, boasting R 500 000 in prize money.
If you haven’t already heard about it, the PPC Imaginarium Awards evolved from the longstanding PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards, encouraging artists and designers to create and express their abilities using Portland cement-based concrete as a primary base or material. The competition will feature six disciplines in the arts and design fields; sculpture, jewellery, architecture, film, industrial design and fashion design.
Open to South African citizens, resident holders as well as foreign students with study permits, who are not professionally established in their respective fields, entries may be submitted by individuals or team collaborations, and artists and designers may enter multiple categories, with an original artwork for each category. Entries close on Monday, 31 August 2015, so best you get your entries in while you still can! 

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