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On the occasion of its fall sale dedicated to African scenes and diasporas, PIASA is pleased to present an exceptional group of works covering nearly 120 years of African creation.

Aboudia (b. 1983, Côte- d’Ivoire), Untitled, 2017. Acrylic and pastels on canvas. Signed ‘ABOUDIA’ upper left, 153 x 183cm. Provenance Private collection, Paris. Estimates: 80 000 / 120 000 €. © Xavier Defaix
Chéri Samba (b. 1956, Congo), Argent et fusils (Guns and money), 2001. Acrylic on canvas. Signed and dated ‘Chéri SAMBA Nov 2001′ along the lower centre edge, titled’ARGENT ET FUSILS’ at the top. 100 x 80cm. Estimate: 35 000 / 50 000 €. © Xavier Defaix

From unpublished postcards by Abdoulaye Samb and his followers (ca. 1900 to 1929) to the explosive expression of the prodigy Aboudia, an undisputed star of the international markets, the sale offers 143 lots that form a dynamic group of drawings, paintings, sculptures, as well as a work by the artist Emo de Medeiros incorporating an NFC chip, echoing the technological developments that mark our time: African artists evolve with the times!

Abdoulaye Samb et suiveurs (Active ca. 1900-1930, Senegal), 6 sets of postcards, beginning of the 20th century. Watercolour on cardboard, 14 x 9,5cm (each). Estimates: From 3 000 / 5 000 € to 5 000 / 7 000 € each. © Xavier Defaix

The series of unpublished postcards by Abdoulaye Samb and his followers, dated from the beginning of the 20th century (ca. 1900 to 1929), is a great gateway into the rich world of the African art scene, and is an event in itself, as they are to date, the earliest examples of modern works from sub-Saharan Africa ever presented on the market.

El Anatsui (b. 1944, Ghana), Untitled, 1994. Mixed media on wood. Signed and dated ‘EL 94’ within the composition. 87 x 78cm. Provenance Galerie Ikoyi, Lagos, 1994 Private collection, Italy Sold with a certificate of Galerie Ikoyi, Lagos. Estimates : 30 000 / 50 000 €. © Xavier Defaix

This is a good introduction to show PIASA’s continued interest in the masters of this continent. The Masters section will also feature a unique private collection, assembled over a period of more than 30 years, by an Italian amateur expatriated in Nigeria. This collection, never before seen on the market, will be an opportunity to look at the work of masters from Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, led by Ghanaian artist El Anatsui, who recently won a Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for his entire career.

Mode Muntu (1940-1985, Congo) La fête des jumeaux (Celebration for the twins), 1974 Latex paint on paper Dated and signed «1974 MODE MUNTU» lower right 47 × 60 cm Provenance Private collection, Congo Publication M. de Plaen, Mode Muntu: L’homme modeste, Prisme Editions, Brussels, 2015, p.179. Estimates : 20 000 / 30 000 €
Mode Muntu (1940-1985, Congo), La fête des jumeaux (Celebration for the twins), 1974. Latex paint on paper. Dated and signed ‘1974 MODE MUNTU’ lower right, 47 x 60cm. Estimate: 20 000 / 30 000 €. © Xavier Defaix
Edson Chagas (b. 1977, Angola), Found not taken (Venice Biennale), 2013. Ensemble of 16 prints, limited editions. Signed by the artist within the composition. 50 x 70cm (each). Estimates: 9 000 / 12 000 €. © Xavier Defaix

Also echoing the Venice Biennale, the sale will feature a set of prints by young photographer Edson Chagas, from his Angolan pavilion at the 2013 Biennale. This pavilion was awarded the Golden Lion for best national pavilion at the time, the first such distinction for an African country. The 16 signed prints by Edson Chagas are presented as part of a section dedicated to the Portuguese-speaking scenes in Africa.

Hotegni Daniel Dansou (b. 1986, Benin), Le garage (The garage), 2013. Ballpoint pen and graphite on paper. Signed, dated ‘HD DANSOU 2013’ lower left. 80 x 110cm. Estimate: 3 000 / 5 000 €. © Xavier Defaix

In West Africa, Benin is honoured with a dedicated focus, highlighting this country that recently came to the forefront, through the impressive exhibition presented in Cotonou in spring-summer 2022, of a set of historic artefacts returned by France. This revelation of an ambitious national museum project covering both heritage and contemporary art has also been corroborated with the creation of the Cotonou Gallery Weekend, whose first edition was held in September 2022.

Seydou Keïta (1921-2001, Mali) Odalisque, ca. 1956-57 Silver print, 2001 Annotated, signed, dated «56 à 57 Seydou Keïta 29.10.2001 Keïta» lower left 130 × 180 cm Provenance Galerie Magnin-A Private collection, Paris Estimates : 40 000 / 60 000 €
Seydou Keïta (1921-2001, Mali), Odalisque, ca. 1956-57. Silver print, 2001. Annotated, signed, dated ’56 à 57 Seydou Keïta 29.10.2001 Keïta’ lower left. 130 x 180cm. Estimates: 40 000 / 60 000 €. © Xavier Defaix
Barthélémy Toguo (b. 1967, Cameroon), Purification XXIX, 2010. Watercolor on paper. Signed and dated ‘B. Toguo 2010’ lower right, titled ‘Purification XXIX’ lower centre. 95 x 85,5cm. Estimate: 6 000 / 9 000 €. © Xavier Defaix

Finally, the great favorites of the African scenes are present: NDary Lo, Chéri Samba, Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Seydou Keïta or Barthélémy Toguo.

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