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After a successful first edition, ‘Les Rencontres de Ia photographie # Marrakesh 2019’ returns to the Ochre City from the 14th until the 20th of October

Ahwando, Ishola Akpo, 2017. Pigment printing on aluminum bonded baryta cotton paper. All images courtesy of the artists & RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE # MARRAKECH.Ishola Akpo, Ahwando, 2017. Pigment printing on aluminum bonded baryta cotton paper. All images courtesy of the artists & RENCONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE # MARRAKECH.

Rencontres and Cultural Exchange

This edition of the Rencontres is a platform for exchange among artists of diverse cultural backgrounds, all focusing on photography. Artists from the Maghreb, Africa, Asia and beyond have been invited to participate in the many exhibitions, projections, workshops and talks that make up the event.

With the discovery of new cultural expression in mind, each edition presents artists from a guest country, and this year the spotlight is on Japan, with the support of the Japanese Department of Cultural Affairs. Carte-blanche has been given to Miki Nitadori, an artist of Japanese origin, who has selected the work of six internationally recognized contemporary photographers. Together, she says, they represent “the great potential of contemporary photography ” and her selection will allow the public to both discover the work of these artists and engage in conversation with them. Yuji Hamada, Kitano Ken, Oshima Naruki, Yuki Onodera and  Kazuyoshi Usui will be present in Marrakesh, together with works by Risaku Suzuki. It will be an opportunity to see contemporary Japanese photography in a new light, and to promote meaningful dialogue among artists from all over the world.

Kazuyoshi Usui, Showa 88, 2011. Kazuyoshi Usui, Showa 88, 2011.

A rich and widely varied programme will allow the public to consider the art of photography not only as a means of expression, but also as a way of facilitating cultural exchange among diverse populations. At the same time, Marrakesh will be in the spotlight, with its cultural heritage, its creative expression and the dynamism of its cultural scene.  During these  Rencontres, Marrakesh will become a meeting place for dialogue around the image.

With its diverse artistic expression, open spirit and desire for cultural exchange, as well as a full programme of projections, exhibitions,  portfolio reviews and professional sessions in a convivial atmosphere,  the Rencontres will take its place alongside other larger international photography festivals. Throughout the week, the Rencontres intends to both showcase artistic excellence and provide artists, visitors and a culturally engaged public with the time to reflect and to express themselves. All this, with the underlying aim of supporting emerging photographers in general, and those from Africa and Morocco in particular, by giving these artists an international platform for their work.


The Rencontres de Ia photographie # Marrakesh 2019 was created on the initiative of Abdellah Oustad, artistic director of  IN  SITU,  in Arles,  and is organized by  Cultures  Nomades Productions and Voies Plurielles. Oustad’s aim is to create a signature event around the 8th Art in Marrakesh, the Ochre City. At the heart of this venture is a desire to share his passion with a larger public, to make image culture accessible to all and to promote emerging photographers from Morocco and Africa.

Alex Neumann, Das 08.Alex Neumann, Das 08.

Inaugurated in 2016, in collaboration with the Marrakesh Contemporary Art Biennial, which sponsored and launched the initiative, the first edition was a resounding success. This year, in its second iteration, the event has become an independent entity, with an expanded scope. From October 14th  to 20th, several key locations in Marrakesh will be enlivened with a new major cultural event that extends beyond cultural and geographical borders.

All events will be accessible to the public and entirely free, thanks to the support of partners and volunteers.


  • Approximately 60 international photographers (including those from Africa)
  • Guest country: Japan
  • 10 international experts who will conduct  portfolio reviews
  • 4 exhibition locations, 3 openings
  • 5 conferences
  • 3 nights of large-scale photographic projections
  • A convivial and festive atmosphere throughout the week
Mireille Loup, Homme fumant une cigarette, 2019.Mireille Loup, Homme fumant une cigarette, 2019.

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