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“An artist is like a mirror of the society they live in. We are reflecting the images that have been projected to us and showing them back to the same society in order to entertain, educate, awake, and raise awareness. It is also a responsibility, because we are holding the power of the past, present and future.”

– Patrick Bongoy, FINALIST

Bongoy’s work, The Revenants III, explores notions around displacement, migration and the search for a promised land.

Using rubber and sculpture as his medium of preference, Bongoy’s work illustrates the extreme survival mode of life that those who have been displaced endure – the rubber as a symbol of both the pollution of the environment and of the corruption of society.

According to the artist, the creative process is a healing process – from cutting and washing, to listening and living with each piece of work, waiting for it to reveal itself and give directions.

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