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The second edition of OPEN DESIGN Cape Town will take place from 13 – 23 August 2014. 
OPEN DESIGN Cape Town brings together all the design disciplines to remove the exclusive stigma associated with design. The full and varied programme encourages design practitioners, managers, media, educators, students and members of the public to share design concepts with each other – and particularly with young people – to develop and inspire a future generation of designers.

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 The theme this year is Design is for Change. The event will feature curated exhibitions, performances, seminars, demonstrations, launches and open studios to share the transformative power of design by talking about it, reflecting on it and engaging with it. By exchanging information, by sharing design, we can grow ideas, practices and markets both locally and globally.
Why Design is for Change?
This year, South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, a milestone that showcases the country’s evolution. Change has been pivotal to the growth and development of the nation. Design is integral to making change happen: from developing educational tools and technologies for children and mobile apps that create access to quality healthcare, to empowering people to think laterally, and find new and innovative ways to approach business and entrepreneurship.
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Events will take place across Cape Town – from the beautiful Cape Town City Hall to private design studios, from galleries to design schools, from convention facilities to community centres. All that matters is that we showcase how design has the potential for transformation and change. More details can be found on the individual listings on OPEN DESIGN Cape Town website.There will also be daily events at City Hall from 13 – 23 August | 10:00 – 17:00 (extended hours for
evening events).
Art South Africa and 100 GOOD IDEAS: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy at OPEN DESIGN
The current Art South Africa magazine, as well as volumes abd back issues, will be on sale at the Bibiliophilia pop-up shop in City Hall. Back issues will be sold at lower prices and new subscribers will enjoy a 15% discount. 
Art South Africa‘s founder and publisher, Brendon Bell- Roberts’ flagship book, 100 GOOD IDEAS: Celebrating 20 Years of Democracy, will also be on sale. 
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Images and text fromhttp://opendesignct.com/.

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