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Who owns the land?’ is an online exhibition featuring the art of Eva Holts (Ukraine), Tamara Safarova (Ukraine), Mohammed Murshed (Yemen), Mohammed Salim Khan (Rohingya), Haya Mohammad (Palestine), Ben Tuge (Zimbabwe), and others.

The show will remain ongoing in the next years and be constantly updated with additional artworks by different artists. The artists will be joining the project only upon invitation (curatorial aim), although it will be possible to independently apply via open calls or emailing info@thepinna.com (cc gcamp001@gold.ac.uk).

Independent submissions might be rejected. The artists’ origins and whereabouts must be consistent with the project – please see the categories below. The project aims to investigate the relationship between contemporary art and the concept of ‘motherland’, by addressing 4 major themes: 

– When your land is a conflict area – state of invasion 
– When your land is colonised – state of colonialisation 
– When you don’t have land– state of statelessness 
– When you are forced to leave your land – state of diaspora 

Thus, the show aims to also become in time an online archive which explores how artists engage socially and politically with their lands and the concept of sovereignty. The exhibition/ archive will be open to all and easy to consult (democracy). It is expected that in time will be possible to investigate commonalities and differences in the artists’ practices (research/ academic aim). Each artist will choose one piece of art that best represents the exhibition theme (democracy, autonomy) to upload on The Pinna’s platform. It won’t be possible to submit more than one piece although all mediums are allowed. Each piece will come with an explanation and will be contextualised by the artists (agency). Foreign curators will be involved. 

For more information, please visit The Pinna.

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