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In the framework of the project Magical Hackerism or The Elasticity of Resilience, SAVVY Contemporary and Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Digital program offer four web residencies to practitioners and communities within the tropical belt, exploring situated knowledges, forming local DIT (Do It Together) community networks, and/or connecting intertropically on a planetary level.

Graphic design by Juan Pablo García Sossa (@puntojpgs)

Magical Hackerism refers to the essential hacking of reality and the rendering of a multiplicity of worlds. The project aims to examine forms of technologies from a tropikós perspective (both as region and as a mindset), to diversify and redistribute the networks of technologies and cultural imaginaries toward pluriversal understandings of the planet.

During this six-week online residency, we will offer support to setup a local community network using a Raspberry Pi, where your situated knowledge exploration can be hosted. When connected to the Wi-Fi network provided by the Rhizome, visitors can visit a web relational garden (a more than linear web space) that will contain your research, content, and resources to be shared. Your rhizome will become part of our InterTropical P2P network communicating through the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol. Through the network, it is possible to visit other relational gardens elsewhere and communicate with other practitioners.

This call is led by Magical Hackerism’s Netting Group interfacing through Futura Trōpica. Forming a Netting Group is an attempt for lateral exchanges of knowledges among InterTropical practitioners. The Netting Group is composed of Immy Mali, Czar Kristoff, Neema Githere, Alejo Duque, Sahej Rahal, and Morehshin Allahyari.

Deadline for submissions is the 23rd of September 2022. Read the entire call here

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