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My Joburg is part of a series of exhibitions dedicated to La Maison Rouge art scenes of “peripheral” cities, the cycle was initiated in 2011 with the City of Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada).

Event: The Red House / My Joburg
Start: June 20, 2013
End: September 22, 2013
Category: Visual Arts , stronger Times
Updated: April 15, 2013
Location: The Red House
Address: 10, boulevard de la Bastille, Paris, 75012, France


The exhibition will present an overview of the art scene in Johannesburg, with a particular focus on a younger generation of artists, largely unknown in France. Johannesburg, commonly known by its inhabitants Joburg or Jozi, megalopolis of more than 6 million people with the best known, Soweto surrounding townships alone has nearly 3 million people, is revealed as an “elusive metropolis” in the words of the historian and social scientist Achille Mbembe.

A fertile artistic community (painters, photographers, videographers, artists) developed there, which through its work portrays a changing city, full of urban social history, politics,. This exhibition attempts to capture some aspects. This unpretentious completeness, but with new and curious gaze of the two French commissioners, Paula Aisemberg and Antoine de Galbert, who chose to join the “experts” on the spot, curators, art institutions responsible, both for the Commission for inclusion in the catalog that accompanies the exhibition.

Commissariat :
Paula Aisemberg et Antoine de Galbert

Information :
The Red House – 10, boulevard de la Bastille – 75012 Paris
Wednesday to Sunday 11h – 19h, Thursday evenings until 21h
More: www.lamaisonrouge.org

Source: http://france-southafrica.com/programmation/my-joburg/

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