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Joint efforts from Greenpop and Baz-art have given life to The Museum of Plastic, an interactive virtual gallery that provides audiences with the view into what life would look like if we curb climate change now. 

The museum reflects on humanity’s historic and future relationship with plastic and was a part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), which was hosted in Glasgow, UK, from November 1st to November 12th. 

The South African component is co-created by Baz-Art, an NPO specialising in creating public engagement through urban art, with eco-activist organisation Greenpop

Co-Founder and CEO of Greenpop, Misha Teasdale, said that the Museum of Plastic was inspired by the organisation’s efforts to come together with the use of new technology and art to create an immersive experience that will bring the public to the heart of key issues.

“While plastic has contributed to vast developments in several industries and has been an incredible tool used in the  evolution of medicine, packaging and several industrial developments, we do however need a clear perspective on how it is used negatively so that we may reduce plastic pollution.”

He added that the organisation hopes this VR experience will contribute towards shifting the human relationship with plastic.

Co-founder of Baz-art, Alexandre Tilmans, said that visitors can look forward to engaging with art in a unique and interactive way.

“The virtual museum was co-created by a company that works in the world of gaming. So viewers can interact with the art pieces and see it from different angles and perspectives while also being able to talk to people logged in and viewing from other places in the world.”

Tilmans said that the museum will give hindsight and foreseeing into what the world and plastic would have evolved to in the next hundred years. Through art and imagery and portraying beautiful art works, the organisations and artists behind the works hope to inspire people to start thinking about plastic and the future of our environment.

“For gaming and art fanatics alike, audiences will learn the importance of establishing a circular economy and find out how activism and individual action happening now will lead to positive change in the future.”

Research shows that currently, plastic pollution threatens biodiversity and marine life, food safety, human health and coastal tourism. By 2050, the World Economic Forum believes our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. South Africa is one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to releasing plastic waste into the sea. It’s also the 14th largest emitter of CO2 globally. There’s a huge job to be done to turn the situation around. And it starts with awareness. 

The Museum platform, Curatours, will be accessible through smart devices (Cellphones, laptops and tablets) and VR headsets, ensuring that groups of international active citizens and virtual experience seekers can easily have social, learning-based experiences around the exhibition.  

The museum includes six wings, each with a different environmental theme that fits a time period from the 1800s to 2121. The first museum wing is set to launch on 8 November, with the additional wings launching each week thereafter. 

How to visit the Museum of Plastic 2121

You can visit The Museum of Plastic 2121 through the Curatours app which is available for Oculus Quest VR headsets and Windows PCs.

To download for Oculus Quest VR headset, please visit:


To download for Windows PC, please visit:


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