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M&C Saatchi Group and Saatchi Gallery announce the six regional winners of their annual international art initiative, Art for Change Prize, which invited emerging artists from around the world to creatively respond to the theme of ‘Equality’ for the chance to win a grand prize of £10,000. 

Samuel Nnorom, After the Pandemic. Courtesy of the Art for Change Prize.

Art for Change Prize reignites access to art and culture amongst younger and underrepresented audiences, and in doing so aims to inspire a new, more diverse generation of creatives. With over 2,500 entries received from artists based in 130 countries within M&C Saatchi key global regions (UK, Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia, and Africa), a winner from each location has now been carefully selected by some of the best business and creative minds from M&C Saatchi Group globally and a special selection of eminent guest judges*.

M&C Saatchi Group and Saatchi Gallery are proud to announce the six regional winners:

  • Africa Winner – Samuel Nnorom from Nsukka, Nigeria for his work After the Pandemic
  • Americas Winner – Rachel Zhang from Pennsylvania, United States for her works The American Dream and Fruit Market in the Gvnt’s Garden
  • Asia Winner – Sharon Cheung from Hong Kong for her Our Time series
  • Australia Winner – Clare Jaque Vasquez from Queensland, Australia for her work The Hunter & Gatherer
  • Europe Winner – Jaroslaw Lisicki from Wroclaw, Poland for his works Untitled and We
  • UK Winner – Felix Chesher from London, England for this works Proximity and PrEP

Robert Grace, Chief Strategy Officer at M&C Saatchi Group South Africa and Art for Change judge commented: “The results of the regional winners have placed a spotlight on Africa’s creative space within the global art scene with African creativity once again displaying its ability to show up. With entrants from across the world tapping into their heritage and drawing from their unique cultural backgrounds, the 6 regional winners of 2022 Art for Change initiative have once again re-enforced the depth and expression of true creativity”.

“Africa region winner, Samuel Nnorom’s work showcases how African creativity  can lead the charge in occupying spaces in our stories, history and legacies that are born in the region and brought to life in tangible ways. There is an incredible amount of art being produced on the African continent, I’m excited for the global platform that Art for Change will provide to Samuel and the rest of the winners as we take creativity to the world” adds Grace.

Each winner in this non-for-profit initiative will receive a cash prize. The total prize fund of £20,000 will be split between the six regional winners, five to receive £2,000 each and one overall winner (due to be announced at the exhibition launch on the 7th December 2022) to receive £10,000. Additionally, all artists’ winning works will be exhibited in a dedicated exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, an iconic platform for contemporary art, from 8th December 2022 until 6th January 2023.

The competition was launched as part of a shared mission by M&C Saatchi Group and Saatchi Gallery in making art, culture, and creativity accessible to everyone. The aim is to highlight and stimulate dialogue around visual arts as an active medium for positive global and social change and give exposure to emerging artists worldwide. 

Richard Thompson, M&C Saatchi UK Group Chairman:

“At M&C Saatchi Group we have chosen to be a leader and invest into the culture sector through several initiatives, such as becoming Principal Patron of the Saatchi Gallery, and establishing the Art for Change Prize. Through this platform we want to give a voice to underrepresented groups by shining a light on what they do, inspire their peers, break down barriers to entry within the creative career industry, and encourage people across the globe to choose art and creativity as a career choice.”

“It’s been extraordinary to have received an unprecedented number of entries in our first year of the competition, making Art for Change Prize a truly unique global art initiative; and we anticipate that each year the competition will continue to grow in size and demand. This year’s entries are truly incredible, and it’s inspiring to see each artist individually interpret the brief of ‘equality’ in their own unique way. It’s been a while since there has been an icon in the contemporary art scene, but who knows, we may have just found the next Damien Hirst or Tracy Emin!”

June Sarpong, OBE and Art for Change Judge commented: “It has been an absolute honour to be a judge for the inaugural Art for Change Prize, the entrees were truly phenomenal, and it was wonderful to see so many talented artists from all over the world using their visual storytelling for good.” 

Paul Foster, Director Saatchi Gallery: “Saatchi Gallery worked closely with M&C Saatchi to develop the framework for the Art for Change Prize and we are delighted with the high volume of submissions and the vast array of creative individuals this initiative has reached worldwide. We congratulate the incredible selection of regional winners and we cannot wait to see the response to the exhibition of their works this December.”

For more information, please visit the M&C Saatchi Group.

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